Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era

Healthcare organizations continually seek opportunities to improve efficiency, eliminate redundancies, and increase quality to stay competitive in this ever-changing environment. During this one-hour, recorded webinar program, Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era, Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS, Advisory Consultant and Chief Credentialing Officer for The Greeley Company, addresses strategies to achieve meaningful alignment and operational… [Read More]

CMS Termination Letters: What they mean and what to do if you get one (Infographic)

While it’s not something any hospital wants to acknowledge, the threat of receiving a CMS Statement of Deficiencies (CMS Form 2567) with Notice of Immediate Jeopardy or Notice of Termination is a reality. Hundreds of hospitals receive such notice every year. Because hospitals must be in compliance with all CoPs to continue participation in the Medicare… [Read More]

Phased Approach to Building Hospital-Physician Trust and Collaboration Achieves Positive Outcomes


  A regional hospital with 350+ beds and a physician group practice of approximately 20 physicians plus allied health practitioners had tried to collaborate multiple times for more than ten years. Every failed attempt led to finger-pointing and broken trust on both sides—with each organization blaming the other for the failure to collaborate. The group… [Read More]

Multifaceted Engagement Leads to Credentialing, Privileging, and Bylaws Improvements


The Chief Executive Officer/General Counsel and Credentials Chair of a 25-bed, physician-owned surgical hospital in the Midwest both attended one of The Greeley Company’s national seminars, The Credentialing Solution, in San Diego in early 2015. They were impressed with the content of the seminar and followed up with The Greeley Company about conducting a gap… [Read More]

Customized Core Privileging Produces Compliant, Effective Privileging System


During a July 2014 Joint Commission survey, one of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center’s specialty hospitals experienced some specific compliance challenges related to their core privileging forms. Recognizing that the entire system was at risk of a repeat of these findings across all of their sights—and aware of Greeley’s national expertise in the area of… [Read More]

Long-Term Partnership Enhances Safety Program Efficacy and Compliance


A Midwest regional hospital with 350+ beds has been working with The Greeley Company for over eight years to support their physical environment survey readiness activities. The organization has faced increasing attention on the management of the physical environment by The Joint Commission, CMS, and state regulatory agencies. It has also become a rather complex organization,… [Read More]

Credentials File Audit Leads to Multiple Discoveries


After performing some random credentialing file reviews, a multi-entity health system of 200+ beds that is part of a larger academic medical system discovered that several of their credentialing files were incomplete and/or lacked appropriate documentation. The organization was concerned that these findings were not isolated and that many of their credentialing files might lack the… [Read More]

Providing Experienced, Skilled Management Support to Hospital Leadership Team

A 330-bed Midwestern acute care hospital had experienced many of The Greeley Company’s services, including onsite consulting, core privileging assistance, participation in national seminars, and membership in The Greeley Membership Program. When their medical staff services department (MSSD) supervisor and two other experienced medical services professionals (MSPs) left the organization in December 2014, leaving no experienced… [Read More]

Versatility and Teamwork Lead to Extended Stay, Multiple Roles

A 450-bed, cutting-edge, urban hospital on the East Coast initially sought an interim credentialing specialist from The Greeley Company to staff a 90-day assignment to assist with credentialing during the summer—their busiest months of the year. As circumstances have evolved, the client has asked to have the same interim staffer stay on to work on other… [Read More]

System-Wide Credentialing and Privileging Challenges & Opportunities

A large healthcare system recognized that the manner in which its credentialing activities are currently being carried out across its system does not consistently achieve the level of quality, timeliness, efficiency, high reliability, and value needed to succeed in today’s environment. Specific challenges include: Inconsistency and lack of standardization with credentialing and privileging processes Lengthy… [Read More]