Utilizing The Greeley Membership Program for TJC Survey Prep

As this rural, 225-bed tertiary care facility and teaching hospital was preparing for their Joint Commission survey, they sought to leverage onsite consulting assessments with offsite membership resources to optimize their state of readiness. The combination of services this client received as part of The Greeley Membership Program enabled leadership and staff to overcome ongoing survey challenges…. [Read More]

Creating A Return to Practice Policy

A 360-bed tertiary care facility and teaching hospital requested Greeley’s expertise and assistance with a privileging turf battle—specifically peripheral vascular privileges. The work involved creating a policy to guide the organization in ramping up skills for providers who have stopped practicing a particular set of clinical privileges. Like many Greeley Membership clients, this organization chose to utilize their… [Read More]

Bylaws Redesign Gets Physicians and Administrators Rowing in the Same Direction

A Joint Commission citation and a dire need to create a better working relationship prompted Fort Madison Community Hospital to overhaul its bylaws, but it first needed to get buy-in from the medical staff. Some physicians interpreted any desire to change the bylaws as an attack against the medical staff for the benefit of administration rather… [Read More]

Don’t Just Pay for ED Call, Link Call Pay to Physician-Hospital Alignment

Demands for paid ED call prompted Fairfield Memorial Hospital to seek The Greeley Company’s assistance. Greeley’s physician consultants, in turn, helped to pinpoint the much broader and major issues under­lying the contention over ED call that prevented the hospital from reaching alignment. Read Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s story here.

Bringing the Peer Review Process from Okay to Outstanding

Unlike many hospitals that revamp their peer review processes to overcome sour medical staff politics, a punitive culture, and gross miscommunications, the two hospitals profiled in this case study simply wanted to weed out inefficiencies. With the help of The Greeley Company, the hospitals were able to streamline and standard­ize their peer review processes. Read… [Read More]

Credentialing from the Ground Up

Prior to the arrival of The Greeley Company on site, this client faced significant challenges in its credentialing department. The issues were not limited to in-house challenges, however: most specifically, the organization’s third party verification service was not performing adequately, compounding the issues presented by the work being done by the hospital itself. Once on site, Greeley staff… [Read More]

Sustainability Framework Improves Compliance

A 300-bed tertiary care facility and teaching hospital with a large complexity of service sought The Greeley Company’s assistance in remediating the process elements causing repeated failures to clear a specific Condition of Participation. Once on site, Greeley consultants found a number of areas causing the facility’s noncompliance with the specific condition. The organization did not have… [Read More]

Simplification Leads to Compliance Excellence

Although this large, tertiary healthcare system in New England has a strong, active internal accreditation readiness program, it has an ongoing relationship with The Greeley Company to objectively evaluate its compliance with both CMS and The Joint Commission. The organization makes significant use of Greeley’s aggregate experience with accreditation updates and challenges. Greeley consultants help the… [Read More]

Resolving Infection Control Challenges from the Ground Up

A medical center had very specific infection control issues it sought to overcome, specifically related to high-level disinfection processes and sterile processing functions. Compounding these issues was a lack of policies and procedures for these areas. The organization had previously been cited by CMS for issues regarding both endoscope cleaning and central sterile processing. After examining… [Read More]