Accreditation, Regulatory Compliance & Quality Consulting

Accreditation, Regulatory Compliance & Quality

Make continuous compliance a byproduct of safe, efficient, high-quality clinical processes

The Greeley Company provides timely, customized services and solutions to meet even the most urgent or complex compliance or quality challenges. Partner with us to achieve and sustain high-quality, safe patient care and continuous compliance through the straightforward application of regulatory and clinical expertise, process optimization, and practical solutions.

Our services

We combine exceptional accreditation and regulatory expertise with sound assessment of your policies, procedures, and processes. Working with our team, you will implement solutions that not only meet requirements, but are also practical, realistic, and make good clinical sense.

  • Regulatory and accreditation expertise and assistance including CMS, The Joint Commission (TJC), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), and Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, Inc. (DNV)
  • Regulatory crisis response and remediation, including CMS System Improvement Agreement (SIA), Immediate Jeopardy (IJ), and Termination Response and Remediation Services
  • Compliance assessments, with identification and prioritization of compliance vulnerabilities for improvement
  • Post-survey assistance, including clarifications and evidence of standards compliance
  • Documentation & clinical process simplification focused on processes, policies, and procedures that are redundant, overly complicated, and/or not mandated by CMS or accreditors
  • Customized regulatory and accreditation education for clinical, administrative, and operations staff
  • Quality, patient safety, and Environment of Care (EOC)/life safety program assessment and implementation

Our experience with the Greeley consultants has been wonderful! From the beginning of our consultation, it was clear that they were professional, skilled, committed, and willing to do whatever it required to get the job done right. Without our consultant and his group, our institution would be in deep trouble right now. The Greeley consultants were able to assist me with hands-on, state-of-the-art approaches to satisfy the regulators and with strategic approaches to implement the cultural change needed to make the new systems self-sustaining. The skills that Greeley brought to the table were top-notch. The willingness to go the extra mile was amazing. I would recommend Greeley unconditionally. They are simply great!—Anonymous CEO

Specialized services for mergers & acquisitions

The Greeley Company can offer valuable due diligence assistance and post-transaction integration support for groups that are contemplating or managing strategic mergers, acquisitions, physician group purchases and employment, or joint ventures.

Typical benefits & outcomes

Our clients typically:

  • Achieve continual survey readiness and confidence
  • Identify and mitigate regulatory compliance and accreditation risks
  • Save time and money by simplifying policies, procedures, and processes—and reducing or eliminating those that are unnecessary or redundant
  • Improve and demonstrate high-quality patient care with measurable outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Achieve clinician and staff buy-in and satisfaction


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Our hospital sees some of the sickest patients in the area, so population health management is of high importance. The Greeley Company understood this and helped us make decisions unique to both our hospital and our patients. I am very pleased with the quality of work, and I would look forward to working with The Greeley Company again.–Anonymous VP of Medical Management, 200-bed Midwestern hospital


In addition to medical services professionals, we can provide temporary staff for quality and compliance, such as CNOs, risk managers, clinical administrators, utilization review/case managers, and VP/directors of accreditation, compliance, or quality.

The Greeley Company was recommended by one of my team members, and our medical center has turned to them on multiple occasions since then. We have had the opportunity to experience a variety of The Greeley Company’s offerings, and each time, we have been impressed with the quality of outcomes. I would certainly recommend their services to my colleagues. We have contracted with The Greeley Company on multiple projects. We continue to turn to The Greeley Company because they bring a balanced approach to every engagement and provide us with a foundation in which to build upon. In a time when budgets are tight, it’s increasingly more important to become self-reliant and The Greeley Company helps us get there.—Anonymous former CQO, Southern Academic Medical Center

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