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Credentialing & Privileging

Helping medical staff services departments and central credentialing departments solve today’s most critical challenges

Your hospital’s patient safety, reputation, and viability are directly tied to the critical activities of your medical staff services department (MSSD). Your integrated healthcare system’s credentialing activities cannot be done in a vacuum.

We cover all aspects of credentialing & privileging and medical staff operations

Our expert consultants understand the challenges and demands you face and can help you meet and exceed the many responsibilities at hand, such as:

  • Integration initiatives (e.g. centralization, recruitment, provider enrollment)
  • Delegated credentialing
  • Quality & compliance
  • Policy & procedure development and implementation
  • Training & education
  • Criteria-based clinical privileging

The Greeley Company also specializes in consulting and other services related to Medical Staff Optimization & Physician Alignment.

Our engagement of Greeley to establish a core privileging system was a huge success. The breadth and depth of expertise the Greeley staff were able to bring to bear on this project was immense. . . . Greeley not only helped us to frame the conversation for medical staff leadership but established themselves immediately as experts with our practitioners who were uneasy and questioning this approach. Greeley heard the practitioners concerns and was able to site standards, best practices and examples to the satisfaction of the most doubting practitioner that swayed their opinion. …

Our experience with Greeley has been very positive and of great value, because of their expertise I’d like to describe them as ‘a medical staff office special forces team.’ They can enter a situation, identify quickly what needs to happen and turn it around much faster with less pain and produce a high quality product with minimal support of front line staff. … (read full testimonial here)—Susan Browning, MHA, RD, LDN, Director Medical Staff Services, Susquehanna Health, PA

Typical benefits & outcomes

MSSDs typically achieve some or all of the following outcomes by working with us:

  • Standardize and optimize processes, procedures, and practices
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency
  • Successfully integrate credentialing & privileging, recruitment, and enrollment with payers
  • Reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve margins—and demonstrate ROI
  • Overcome challenges of staff turnover and training
  • Implement best practices and comply with accreditation and regulatory standards
  • Achieve physician engagement
  • Appropriately and confidently manage low- and no-volume practitioners and advanced practice professionals

I reached out to the Greeley Company for help preparing my credentialing team for delegation status.  I had the pleasure of working with Amy Niehaus to understand the necessary steps needed to reach my goal.  Amy not only reviewed department policies and audited credentialing files, but she answered a myriad of questions and gave me a detailed report that outlined specific things I needed to do.  Because of the knowledge and expertise that Greeley provided, my credentialing team has been successful in obtaining multiple delegation agreements. Greeley has since reached out to check on my progress and to offer additional services, which is greatly appreciated.—Mary Ann Vanderford, BS, Credentialing Services Manager, Samaritan Health Services, OR


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Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, 2017

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Five years ago when I got here the medical staff was the weakest part of this hospital. After working with Greeley for five years, it’s now the single strongest driver of the success of the hospital.—Anonymous CEO from Midwestern hospital


Trained and experienced individuals to fill vacancies due to illness, vacation, and recruiting gaps or to provide extra help for volume fluctuations. Tell us what you need. We can assist you with any level and type of medical staff and credentialing activity.

It is very much to the credit of The Greeley Company that my physician colleagues join me in trusting their advice, attending their meetings, reading their publications, and truly benefiting from them. —Stewart M. Hamilton MD, MS, CPE, FACE, FRCP, Yuma, AZ

Specialized services for mergers & acquisitions

The Greeley Company can offer valuable due diligence assistance and post-transaction integration support for groups that are contemplating or managing strategic mergers, acquisitions, physician group purchases and employment, or joint ventures.

Credentialing Outsourcing

The Greeley Company provides an alternative for any hospital facing challenges in achieving the resources and expertise necessary to achieve a highly functioning MSSD. Credence℠ enables hospitals to outsource all elements of their medical staff services department (MSSD) operations to achieve high performance through our service.

To learn more, click here, call 888-749-3054, or download our free white paper, Three Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Staff Services Functions.

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