Credentialing Outsourcing

Credentialing Outsourcing Solution

Credence℠: An alternative strategy for fulfilling medical staff services department functions

A highly functioning MSSD is critical in today’s environment of increasing costs, tightening margins, and ever-stricter compliance requirements. Yet, many hospitals have insufficient resources, in terms of both staff size and appropriate skill sets, to maintain an optimally functioning department.

Credence is highly customized, but typically includes the following services:

  • Design, management, and staffing of the credentialing and privileging functions
  • Maintenance of the practitioner database
  • Application management and verification
  • Ongoing training and education of medical services professionals and medical staff leaders
  • Quality and compliance management (credentialing and privileging)
  • Administrative support for the medical staff organization
  • Practitioner competency management (e.g., FPPE, OPPE, privileging)


Read about one client's experience with The Greeley Company's Credence outsourcing solution and medical staff services transformation.

Six main benefits of Credence

Outsource all elements of your medical staff services department (MSSD) operations to enhance performance in multiple areas including:

  • Accelerate revenue: Integrate physicians into the organization more quickly
  • Increase operational efficiency: Reduce application turnaround time, optimize software, standardize processes, etc.
  • Enhance physician and staff satisfaction: Happy physicians and happy staff = better care and more patient referrals
  • Reduce risks: Credentialing and privileging, compliance and accreditation, and more
  • Enhance quality: Identify high-quality physicians, monitor performance, improve care
  • Reallocate costs wisely: Replace unsustainable consulting and interim staffing arrangements with Credence℠


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Because of concerns over the quality and reliability of our third party CVO, as well as difficulty maintaining a competent credentials department, we consulted The Greeley Company to evaluate our department for accuracy, efficiency, and processes. Their findings and recommendations were spot on. While we prepared a business plan to address their findings, Greeley proposed that we consider outsourcing the credentials service line to Greeley. After careful consideration with our CFO and CEO, we determined that Greeley could provide a consistently superior product without costing us more. Our credentials committees and medical executive committees have been extremely satisfied with the results and give our administration praise for making that decision . . . and our CFO is very happy.— Dr. James C. Martin, CMO, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System, San Antonio, TX

Whom we serve

Credence provides an alternative for any hospital facing challenges in achieving the resources and expertise necessary to achieve a highly functioning MSSD.
Credence can be an especially effective strategy for hospitals and healthcare systems anticipating or experiencing significant changes in their practitioner relationships—such as an increase in employed physicians or advanced practice professionals, or a shift to global contracting.

Three Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Staff Services Functions

This white paper discusses the potential benefits of outsourcing your MSSD and how outsourcing can be an effective strategy for financially savvy hospitals and healthcare systems.

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