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September 30, 2016 2 Min Read

2016 NAMSS Conference Take-Aways

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Another NAMSS conference has come and gone. This is an event that many of us look forward to every year—a chance to see old friends and meet new, to network (even if it is 60 to 90 seconds at a time), and to observe our profession grow and change with the times.

Depending upon your perspective, you consider our 40-year-old profession a relative newcomer—as compared to banking or insurance perhaps, or a relic—as compared to an app developer, market research data miner, or a millennial generational expert (three jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago according to Forbes).

And yet, in order for us (and the NAMSS conference) to be successful, we must continue to evolve and embrace new trends and needs in our industry while staying true to our roots—that being the first line of defense for patients. The transformation of the medical services professional has always been present and real—but like the rest of the world’s pace, the acceleration of the MSP transformation over the past five years has been at light speed vs. the relatively steady progression that occurred over the previous 35 years as we advanced from medical staff secretaries to the subject matter experts in all things related to the organized medical staff.

Today’s MSP must ask and answer the question: “Which is more important, quality or cost?” (Hint: The answer is the same as for the question, “Which is more important, breathing in or breathing out?”) The answer of course is: “both!” The NAMSS sessions related to accreditation and regulatory requirements, privileging, peer review, disruptive physicians, developing an effective medical staff services department, key legal decisions, and dealing with difficult chairpersons remind us of our purpose to protect patients and provide the fundamentals and best practices for implementing effective processes. Sessions related to population health, patient safety organizations, reentry, unification of medical staffs, centralized credentialing, alignment between credentialing, provider enrollment, and delegation, and the “Whole Chessboard” of physician–hospital collaboration and alignment, remind us that it’s not our father’s or mother’s medical staff, that the delivery of healthcare is far beyond the four walls of the hospital, and that we all must be a part of the solution to reign in the escalating costs of healthcare in the US.

We were excited to have our team of experts from The Greeley Company at NAMSS in a variety of roles–as speakers, exhibitors, participants, and as an industry partner. Whether you are new to the field and need assistance in learning about the fundamentals and implementing quality credentialing processes or you are experienced but challenged with the rapid transformation of your medical staff services department into a centralized credentialing services department, we can assist.

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