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June 8, 2015 1 Min Read

Credentials File Audit Leads to Multiple Discoveries

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After performing some random credentialing file reviews, a multi-entity health system of 200+ beds that is part of a larger academic medical system discovered that several of their credentialing files were incomplete and/or lacked appropriate documentation. The organization was concerned that these findings were not isolated and that many of their credentialing files might lack the proper documentation.

Being a member of The Greeley Membership Program and having attended Greeley national seminars in the past, the organization turned to The Greeley Company for assistance with a credentialing file audit. In addition, they asked Greeley to assess the current state of their MSSD operations and provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve the department.

The organization received Greeley’s assistance with their goals and objectives in five main areas, which revealed seven significant findings.

Read this client’s story here.



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