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March 9, 2017 2 Min Read

External Peer Review Survey Results and Insights

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As you might know, The Greeley Company assists organizations of all sizes and types with their important external peer review needs. In late January, we surveyed peer review, medical staff, and quality professionals nationwide to gather information and feedback from them regarding how their organizations are using external peer review today. I wanted to share some results of the survey that I thought might be interesting and useful to you.

  • 72% of respondents use external peer review at least once a year—with 21% using EPR at least once per quarter
  • When asked to check “all that apply,” respondents indicated the top 5 reasons they use external peer review services are:
    1. Lack of internal expertise (53%)
    2. Concern about the performance of an individual practitioner (49%)
    3. The need for objectivity in measuring practitioner performance (42%)
    4. Due diligence when considering corrective action (41%)
    5. Unresolvable conflicts of interest (39%)
  • The 3 most important factors respondents consider when selecting an external peer review provider are:
    1. Clinical expertise of reviewer
    2. Report quality
    3. Report turnaround time
  • When asked how they secure external peer review services when needed, 41% look for a provider at the time they identify a need; 34% find physicians in the community, system, or region; and 30% use the same external peer review provider for most or all of their needs.

As you might imagine, we included questions to gather feedback from respondents who have used our services in the past. The majority (83%) highly rated our performance as “excellent” or “very good” on 4 out of 5 elements (report turnaround time, clinical expertise of reviewer, report quality, and ongoing support) and “very good” or “good” on the 5th element, price.

We hope the above information is helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions or would like to discuss any current or anticipated external peer review needs you might have. (We offer master service agreements, should that be of interest to your organization.) You may contact us at 888.749.3054 or through our website.

We would welcome the opportunity to help with your external peer review needs!

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