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December 8, 2016 1 Min Read

Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era

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webinarAs hospitals form more expansive networks, small inefficiencies in individual credentialing processes compound and become increasingly disruptive at the system level. But for healthcare organizations that do credentialing well, the positive results are substantial. They include reduced costs and risks, to both the patient and the institution, quicker performance, and enhanced revenue, all centered on delivering safe, high-quality patient care.

How to design an efficient centralized credentialing department

I was invited to present this webinar for Becker’s Hospital Review.  We’ve archived it here so you can watch anytime. Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era: How to Work Smarter in This Ever-Changing Environment. The one-hour webinar covers steps organizations should take to design an efficient centralized credentialing department and includes:

  • Strategies to achieve meaningful alignment and operational efficiencies to optimize credentialing
  • How inefficient credentialing has a direct impact on physician satisfaction and the revenue stream
  • Symptoms of incomplete credentialing integration
  • Real-life success stories shared through case studies

Learning points

  • Describe the negative impact that inconsistency and lack of standardization in credentialing has for healthcare organizations
  • Recognize the benefits, challenges, and solutions to centralizing credentialing activities across an integrated healthcare system
  • Identify opportunities for capturing a meaningful ROI, including reducing A/R write-offs, claim holds, and delays for new practitioners to generate revenue

Should you wish to discuss this webinar or any challenges you’re facing, let’s start the conversation.


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