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October 19, 2016 1 Min Read

Physician Engagement and Alignment Strategies

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As The Greeley Company continues our work with hospital and system administrators and physician leaders in this unprecedented time of change in healthcare, it becomes clearer that physicians must play a central role to achieve positive, lasting change. In other words, it’s about the physicians!

Regardless of the issues faced—responding to the Affordable Care Act, coordinating care, enhancing cost effectiveness—we will not achieve the reform we seek at the individual hospital, system, or nationwide level without physicians getting other physicians to change how they practice medicine.

We invite you to download the following 3 free resources related to physician engagement and alignment selected from our collection of articles, white papers, and case studies:

  • CASE STUDY: Phased Approach to Building Hospital-Physician Trust and Collaboration Achieves Positive Outcomes
  • ARTICLE: 7 Steps to Achieve Physician-Hospital Alignment, Collaboration, and Trust
  • WHITE PAPER: How Can Physicians and Hospitals Both Succeed When They Compete and Collaborate at the Same Time?

Download Free Resources
The Greeley Company helps hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems each year achieve physician-hospital alignment and face other challenges in the areas of provider operations, regulatory compliance, and credentialing. As Chief Medical Officer for The Greeley Company, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any physician-related challenges you might have, share stories of clients we’ve helped, and see whether Greeley’s solutions might interest you.

Please feel free to call 888-749-3054 or submit an inquiry through our website to get in touch with me.

Thank you for your time and best wishes for your organization’s continued success!

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