Top 5 Takeaways from Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting

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If you were among the healthcare leaders who participated in the recent Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting in Chicago, I hope you enjoyed the conference and that you walked away with valuable information and new ideas to help your organization.

The Greeley Company was gratified to sponsor the extraordinary session with President George W. Bush. Regardless of where they may stand on the political spectrum between red and blue, everyone, myself included, found this to be an outstanding experience they will not soon forget.

From the sessions and interactions with participants, here are the top five takeaways for me from this year’s Becker’s conference:

  1. The race to population health is on. It’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will need to jump from the first curve of pay for volume to the second curve of pay for value.
  2. But don’t jump too soon. In most markets, a significant portion of the business model will remain pay for volume for the foreseeable future. More of that payment will be at risk for quality, but volume will still pay the bills.
  3. Be bold and take risks. Those prepared to be bold and take risks (think David Feinberg’s audacious money back guarantee for all Geisinger patients and Michael Dowling’s irreverent willingness to break more than a few eggs in driving Northwell Health’s competitive edge) show us startling opportunities outside the box that are transforming healthcare before our eyes. Successful organizations will either lead or follow closely behind the leaders or be left behind.
  4. It’s the doctors … Hospitals and healthcare systems simply cannot achieve mission critical breakthroughs in quality and cost without transforming how they collaborate, align and integrate with physicians. The buzz words of physician-hospital collaboration, alignment and integration do not do justice to how hard this work really is.
  5. It’s getting tough out there. Behind the positive messages in the keynotes and panel sessions, I spoke with many leaders who, once outside the spotlight, shared the rest of the story. Consumer driven plans are hurting their volumes and collections. Assembling a healthcare system is easier than operating with a margin. Getting their organizations to transition away from the “heads in beds” model is harder than it looks. Stress and challenges confront healthcare leaders more than ever before.

The Greeley Company worked with more than 700 hospitals and healthcare systems in the past three years, helping their leaders face these and other challenges in the areas of hospital operations and regulatory compliance, physician-hospital collaboration and alignment, and credentialing. I invite you to download a free PDF of my presentation at this year’s Becker’s conference entitled Report from the Front Lines: New Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions for Achieving Breakthrough Clinical Transformation, in which I share practical solutions and successful case studies from some of these organizations.

As Principal and Chief Medical Officer for The Greeley Company, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any topics that you’re thinking about, share stories of clients we’ve helped, and see whether The Greeley Company’s solutions might interest you.

Thank you for your time and best wishes for your organization’s continued success!


Rick Sheff, MD

Principal and Chief Medical Officer

The Greeley Company

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