CMS Systems Improvement Agreements, Immediate Jeopardy, and Termination

CMS Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA), Immediate Jeopardy (IJ), and Termination Response and Remediation Services

As a trusted partner and ally, The Greeley Company helps hospitals get out of trouble, stay out of trouble, and improve and sustain compliance, safety, and efficiency.

We have more combined experience than any other team in the country in helping hospitals successfully respond to urgent CMS matters such as a Statement of Deficiencies or Notice of Termination or Immediate Jeopardy.

Our proven track record has earned the respect and approval of CMS and has made us the #1 choice of hospital leaders and legal counsel who require an effective independent consultant for their Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA).

CMS Response and Systems Improvement Agreement (SIA) Services

The Greeley Company’s track record of getting hospitals out of trouble and back in compliance is impeccable. As part of our partnership with you, we will:

  • Assess hospital operations, quality, and clinical effectiveness and develop gap analyses and root cause analyses to focus improvement action plans
  • Implement and monitor improvement activities
  • Assist with training and education
  • Refine and stabilize performance
  • Perform a mock survey
  • Prepare the hospital for CMS resurvey

Our experience with the Greeley consultants has been wonderful! From the beginning of our consultation, it was clear that they were professional, skilled, committed, and willing to do whatever it required to get the job done right. Without our consultant and his group, our institution would be in deep trouble right now. The Greeley consultants were able to assist me with hands-on, state-of-the-art approaches to satisfy the regulators and with strategic approaches to implement the cultural change needed to make the new systems self-sustaining. The skills that Greeley brought to the table were top-notch. The willingness to go the extra mile was amazing. I would recommend Greeley unconditionally. They are simply great!—Anonymous CEO

Focus and Simplify

Decades of regulatory and consulting experience has taught Greeley that the best way—perhaps the only way—to lead hospitals out of trouble is to quickly focus on the big issues and then find simple, natural ways to integrate compliance into efficient, safe and satisfying operations.

High concepts? Perhaps. But Greeley has reduced these concepts into practical, repeatable tools that work over and over again to free hospitals from CMS threats and protect them from falling back into jeopardy once the survey team leaves.