Become an External Peer Reviewer

Become an External Peer Reviewer

Do you have what it takes to be a Greeley reviewer?

Due to extraordinary demand, we’re seeking to expand our esteemed physician reviewer panel. We encourage you to consider becoming an expert physician reviewer for us.

Top 3 reasons to consider becoming a Greeley external peer reviewer

As an external peer reviewer, you can earn extra income by applying your expertise outside your day-to-day practice. Most of our physician reviewers enjoy the work for reasons unrelated to compensation, however, including:

  1. Clinical and intellectual stimulation: Applying current evidence-based medicine to your case reviews is interesting and professionally satisfying.
  2. Self-improvement and awareness: Reviewing cases helps physicians improve their own clinical care and documentation.
  3. An opportunity to make a difference: Serving as an objective external case reviewer offers a way to improve care provided by others and give back to the medical community.


April 20-22, 2017
New Orleans, LA

In-depth training on today’s most challenging peer review issues

Requirements and requested qualifications

To be considered for a Greeley external peer reviewer role, you must:

  1. Be actively practicing
  2. Have practiced for a minimum of five years within your specialty
  3. Be board certified within your specialty

What makes a good external peer reviewer?

While we train and prepare our external peer reviewers for their roles, there are certain qualities that our physician reviewers share, including the ability to:
  • Provide accurate, objective reviews of cases that reflect the most current standards of care in the field
  • Base findings on comparison with current evidence-based medicine and consensus guidelines, when available and relevant
  • Support your case analysis with concise, compelling clinical logic


Please call Robin Jones at (978) 406-4724 or click here to learn more about The Greeley Company's external peer reviewer opportunities or to download a copy of our Become an External Peer Reviewer brochure.