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As more practitioners and newly-minted medical school graduates seek hospital-based employment, the need for quality credentialing grows. On top of this, as hospitals form more expansive networks and systems, small inefficiencies in individual credentialing processes compound and become increasingly disruptive at the network and system level.

The Greeley Company has identified today’s top four common credentialing challenges:

  • Inconsistency and lack of standardization
  • Organizational culture
  • Redundant or poorly-allocated resources
  • Lengthy turnaround times

The above challenges can be met with standardization, centralization, and end-to-end integration, resulting in optimal application turnaround time and improved outcomes, according to The Greeley Company.

The recently published Becker’s Hospital Review Executive Briefing, Practitioner Credentialing in an Era of Heightened Employment, Consolidation: 4 Strategies to Tame the Beast—for which Greeley’s Sally Pelletier, CMPSM, CPCS, and Amy Niehaus, CPMSM, CPCS, MBA, were interviewed—explores the four most important focal points hospitals and health systems should build their credentialing optimization strategy upon.

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