Delegated Credentialing in the Medical Staff Services Department

crd_article_delegated_credentialing_in_the_MSSDThere are several reasons why a commercial payer, such as a managed care organization or health plan, may consider delegating all or part of its credentialing activities to qualified business partners such as IPAs, PHOs, CVOs, medical societies, even other health plans.

However, a growing trend observed by The Greeley Company is for hospitals and health systems to directly seek delegated credentialing from commercial payers. With the growing numbers of employed practitioners, hospitals and health systems are looking at delegated credentialing to speed up the provider enrollment process and reduce accounts receivable write-offs and claim holds which delay or decrease the revenues received from payers for the services provided to patients.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of Delegated Credentialing in the Medical Staff Services Department, a brief article that explores this topic.

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