Diagnosis and Treatment for the Physician Burnout Epidemic

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Physician burnout is an epidemic, and like most epidemics, there isn’t one simple solution. However, the Greeley Company has been working on a solution for years. We are now ready to share a new, breakthrough approach to diagnosing and treating the physician burnout epidemic in this live one-hour webinar. After this webinar, you’ll never look at physician burnout the same way.

Improving patient care and lowering the cost of healthcare are top priorities in the US, but none of this can be addressed if our providers and clinicians are burned out and inaccessible.  In the most recent survey, 44% of physicians reported at least one symptom of burnout. The proportion of physicians screening positive for depression continued to rise to almost 42%, and the rate of suicide and depression in doctors is more than twice that in the general population. This equates to more than one medical school graduating class a year dying from suicide, a grim reminder of one of the most devastating impacts of burnout.

Recently one CMO said, “I’m burned out on physician burnout.” When asked why she responded, “I’ve gone to so many talks about it, but nobody’s got any solutions.” 

We’ve listened to our clients and other subject matter experts. And we’ve figured out what’s missing from how everyone’s trying to respond to physician burnout: an accurate, in depth diagnosis and treatment plan.

Participants will learn a new way to understand and address the multifactorial causes of the physician burnout epidemic. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Five new ways to understand the real causes of physician burnout
  • Eight practical things you can do to turnaround the physician burnout epidemic

We will also share a roadmap for the critical activities your organization needs to take to meaningfully and effectively turn the tide of the physician burnout epidemic.  It’s won’t be easy, but at Greeley we’re dedicated to partnering with healthcare organizations to solve the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Who Should Attend:

  • CMOs
  • VPMAs
  • CEOs
  • Medical Staff Officers
  • Medical Staff Department Chairs
  • HR Directors
  • Employed Physician Group Leaders
  • Physician Wellness Officers and Committee Members
  • Medical Staff Professionals
Richard A. Sheff, MDRichard A. Sheff, MD
Chief Medical OfficerDr. Sheff brings more than 25 years of healthcare management and leadership experience to his work with physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems across the country. With his distinctive combination of medical, healthcare, and management acumen, Dr. Sheff develops tailored solutions to the unique needs of physicians and hospitals.

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