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mso_article_to-report-or-not-to-reportIn April 2015, the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) published its first new guidebook in 13 years. It includes a significant expansion of the NPDB’s definition of an investigation with direct impact on reporting requirements for physicians or dentists who resign while under investigation.

Across the country, medical staff leaders, medical services professionals, and healthcare attorneys have expressed strong concerns that the new guidebook language, if allowed to stand over time, likely will undermine medical staffs’ ability to conduct effective peer review.

While it is hoped that collaboration by the NPDB with key stakeholders such as the AMA, AHA, AHLA, Joint Commission, and NAMSS will lead to more moderate guidebook language in the near future, the current guidebook language represents today’s NPDB policy. The Greeley Company’s article, To Report or Not to Report: What to Do about the Recent NPDB Guidebook Update, first published in the September 2015 issue of HCPro’s Credentialing & Peer Review Legal Insider, provides practical suggestions for navigating the decision of whether to report to the NPDB.

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