The Seven Secrets to Getting Real Value Out of Peer Review

Physician peer review is an essential component of high-quality healthcare. But peer review in most organizations today results only in going through the motions to meet regulatory requirements without getting real value. Healthcare organizations can’t afford to do anything today that doesn’t contribute to the value chain. In this Q&A, Rick Sheff, MD, chief medical officer for The Greeley Company, shares the seven secrets The Greeley Company uses to help their clients get real value out of peer review:

  1. Standardize the case review process to drive out bias
  2. Minimize the use of case reviews and maximize the use of what The Greeley Company calls rule and rate indicators
  3. Use two targets for all rate indicators
  4. Constantly seek the optimal balance in your physician culture between manage loose and manage tight
  5. Invest in training physicians to lead and perform peer review
  6. Balance continuous performance improvement with a hefty dose of appreciation
  7. Protect peer review information from discoverability, but not at the expense of protecting patients, physicians and the organization.

This white paper explores questions and answers about the peer review process that will help your organization gain value as well as professional and clinical insights.  Key points in this white paper include:

  • The essential difference between case review and peer review,
  • Cures for the challenges of bias and subjectivity in peer review,
  • Methods of presenting peer review measurements and feedback in productive, non-punitive reporting frameworks,
  • Ways the peer review process can encourage a performance improvement culture, and
  • Balancing necessary and effective peer review with the uncertain legal protections of discovery.

To continue reading how you can implement these valuable strategies in your own organization, please complete the form below and download the full white paper.

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