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Phased Approach to Building Hospital-Physician Trust and Collaboration Achieves Positive Outcomes

mso_casestudy_phased-approach-to-physician-hosp-trustA regional hospital with 350+ beds and a physician group practice of approximately 20 physicians plus allied health practitioners had tried to collaborate multiple times for more than ten years. Every failed attempt led to finger-pointing and broken trust on both sides—with each organization blaming the other for the failure to collaborate. The group was on the verge of selling themselves to a competing health system and the hospital was preparing to hire physicians to directly compete with the group.

Recognizing that going to war with each other would be costly for both sides and further injure relationships in their medical community, the organizations turned to The Greeley Company in one last attempt to try to collaborate.

The team from The Greeley Company determined a phased approach to the collaboration initiative would be the best strategy. At the completion of phase one, the Greeley consultants secured the agreement of both sides for the scope of the next phase. This allowed for an off ramp after each phase if either party was not satisfied with the process, the result of the most recent phase of work, or the conduct of the other party.

The initial phases produced a series of collaborative projects that produced positive results for both parties. Once this process established a track record of collaboration, effectiveness, and trust, the options of the hospital employing the physicians was out on the table. Through this step-wise process, the parties achieved outcomes that nobody had thought possible at the outset, culminating in an asset purchase and employment of the physicians. An added benefit was that the participants on both sides were eventually able to function at the top of their effectiveness because issues of trust and politics were effectively navigated to positive resolution.

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