Privileging for New Technology and New Privileges

With the rapid evolution of new technology, the declining reimbursement for physicians and hospitals, and the necessity to continually innovate and improve the quality of care, the pressure to institute new technology and introduce new privileges while keeping patients safe is a growing concern. But introducing new technology and new privileges carries risks:

  • Will the new technology and privileges require changes to the facility’s mission, vision, values, and processes?
  • Will investing in new technology be cost-effective and add to the health and well-being of our community, or will it disrupt existing technologies, undermine referral networks, or overtax limited resources?
  • And, most importantly, will the new technology’s benefit to patients outweigh potential risks and even cause potential harm?

The challenge for healthcare leaders is in knowing how to handle these requests to ensure the successful implementation of the new privilege, device, and technology in a systematic way that balances the needs of patients with the needs of physicians and the healthcare organization.

Download our white paperPrivileging for New Technology and New Privileges: Balancing the Needs of Patients, Physicians, and Hospitals, here to learn more.

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