Rearchitecting the Medical Staff Services Department

A well-structured, adaptable medical staff services department (MSSD) can make a real difference in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Mergers and acquisitions continue at a rapid pace, regulatory challenges are increasing, and payment models are evolving, all of which make the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment functions of the MSSD crucial. Increasingly, MSSDs are being tasked with larger objectives, including improving the bottom line, overall clinical quality, and accountability.  To do this, the MSSD must be flexible – it must adapt.

A new article by Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS, describes the importance (and difficulty) of getting the department’s architectural blueprint right while continuing the department’s essential daily work.  Pelletier pinpoints the value of getting the MSSD out of day-to-day reaction mode and into a proactive mindset that allows it to be nimble no matter what (inevitable) change comes next.

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