Simplification Solves the Compliance Conundrum

Simplification Initiatives for Getting Clinicians Back to the Bed Side

Tasked with the need to comply with a vast body of changing regulations and the ever-shifting payer requirements for maximum reimbursement, hospitals have implemented a heavy load of clinical and operational policies in the name of compliance. As a result, clinicians are burdened with an enormous number of unnecessary administrative tasks.

Often internal ‘fixes’ or corrective action plans are designed because “regulations require it” often typically exacerbates this challenge. These expectations, however well intended, actually place healthcare organizations at greater regulatory risk, reduce physician, nurse and patient satisfaction and negatively impact quality and safety.

Steven W. Bryant, President and CEO of The Greeley Company discusses the key to getting clinicians back to critical thinking at the bedside and how simplifying expectations can get rid of unnecessary complexities in the documentation process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Mitigate physician and clinician burnout while also complying with CMS conditions of participation with federal and state accreditation and internal policies.
  • Understand why regulations must align with a hospital’s documentation processes, policies and clinician workflows.
  • Free up nurses from unnecessary administrative tasks to think critically
  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction score

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