The Compliance Myth: How You Might be Jeopardizing Quality and Satisfaction

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Many compliance-related activities that exist in hospitals today are carried out based on the mythological belief that these things must be done to maintain the strict requirements set forth by regulating bodies such as CMS, The Joint Commission, and others. Hospital businesses are undertaking these efforts and expenses based on the myth instead of the reality.

Incredibly, in an era of process simplification and intensive efforts to increase efficiencies in all areas of hospital operations, layers of people and paper are being added in the clinical area in the name of compliance. This common myth is costing hospitals millions of dollars a year in clinical time, decreased clinician satisfaction, and reduced time at the patient bedside. In an era where quality care is of the utmost concern from a clinical and financial perspective, compliance activities such as these can actually jeopardize quality.

If you approach the compliance process from an evidence-based documentation point of view, you find that there is a business case to be made for employing only those compliance activities required by law, and not to engage in activities beyond this.

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