Three Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Staff Services Functions

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The medical staff services department (MSSD) is truly the hub of a hospital. This is where everything from credentialing and accreditation to information management and interactions between key stakeholders like medical staff, administrators, physician leaders, and board members happens.

Now step back and think about the significant responsibility your MSSD has and, more importantly, how much money it can generate (or lose) for your hospital. Efficiency, quality, and compliance are at stake: all can affect performance and, ultimately, revenue.

Considering the industry’s environment of increasing costs, tightening margins, and ever-stricter compliance requirements, the importance of a highly functioning MSSD simply cannot be overstated. Yet, perhaps ironically, due to these same constraints many hospitals are finding that they do not have sufficient resources—both staff size and appropriate skill sets—to maintain an optimally functioning department.

For many leading hospitals, business process outsourcing is the answer. Outsourcing the MSSD can be an effective strategy for financially savvy hospitals and healthcare systems anticipating a shift to global contracting or undergoing significant changes in their practitioner relationships.

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