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mock surveyThere are two types of recommendations that can come out of a mock survey: good recommendations and unhelpful recommendations.

If you’ve had a mock survey before, it may have been delivered with recommendations like:

  • “Staff should be educated…,”
  • “Be sure to remind the physicians…,” or
  • “Don’t do this anymore!”

Two of these are “managed loose” accountability black holes. The other is a hard stop with no alternatives offered, which is a very hard direction to follow. Neither is going to solve the problem, and both will likely compound issues further. Unhelpful.

A good recommendation from a mock survey should be helpful. It should do one or more of the following:

  • Make an actual recommendation like, “The policy should be reworded to say…”
  • Reward critical thinking by reinforcing a care facilitation approach and concurrent monitoring suggestions.
  • Provide a practical tool like a form or checklist to assist with quality control.
  • Define a path for next steps when more analysis is needed to determine if a cited issue is isolated or related to a significant process flaw.

When you receive a report from a mock survey, and there are findings outlined, you should feel like a root cause is known, or that you have a path to find it. If recommendations you receive are falling into the “unhelpful” category, you are left to either find the root cause yourself, or make changes without a real understanding of what the root cause is.

A mock survey should leave you with:

  • A clear understanding both requirements and findings,
  • An understanding of root causes of noncompliance (or likely culprits and how to single them out and address them), and
  • Practical solutions for policy/process/care delivery to get you to compliance without undo complexity.

If you would like to start the conversation about partnering with Greeley for mock surveys at your facilities, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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