Test Page

Revised Logo Examination Here are the new logos you sent, so we can compare them all:





Logo Examination

This is the one currently in use on the top of the site. It was provided at the exact size of 240×65. To me the tagline still looks fuzzy, but not because of it’s size, just because it’s fuzzy. You should be able to have clear text at that size.



This is the larger file, provided at 800×216 and shrunk down here by CSS – I think this is the clearest one provided so far:


And this is a .jpg file, provided at 240×65 and really not a good quality – this is the one that I had put on the site, and was convinced that there was a letter missing in the tagline:


Faculty Feature Element (Saved for Future Use)


Rick Sheff, MD

Carol S. Cairns, CPMSM

Joseph D. Cooper, MD