Make continuous compliance a byproduct of safe, efficient, high-quality clinical processes

Accreditation, Compliance & Quality

The Greeley Company provides timely, customized services and solutions to meet even the most urgent or complex compliance and quality challenges. Partner with our team of accreditation consultants to achieve and sustain high-quality, safe patient care and continuous compliance through our straightforward application of regulatory and clinical expertise, process optimization, and practical solutions.

What we do/ Accreditation, Compliance & Quality

Hospital Consulting Services

Practical, innovative solutions to accelerate your speed & effectiveness.

In our hospital consulting service, we combine exceptional accreditation and regulatory expertise with sound assessment of your policies, procedures, and processes. Working with our team of accreditation consultants, you will implement solutions that not only meet requirements, but are also practical, realistic, and make good clinical sense.


Greeley offers an alternative strategy for fulfilling your quality department functions.

As a national leader in improving health care quality and safety, Greeley has the resources to support your hospitals mission and vision.

Interim Staffing Services

Temporarily fill your vacant executive, director, medical staff services, and compliance positions.

If you need highly qualified, skilled staff to temporarily serve in non-clinical roles for which you’re recruiting permanent candidates, contact us.


Physician & Hospital Leadership Education Events

Greeley’s experienced speakers provide the education and skills needed to achieve the goals that are most critical to your hospital’s success.

Greeley Membership Program

Continuous advisory support, resources, and members-only privileges for your entire organization

The Greeley Membership Program is a multi-layered service for clients seeking an ongoing partnership to promote physician success, hospital success, and quality patient care.

Please call us at 888-749-3054 or complete and submit the form to have one of our representatives contact you.

Upcoming Physician & Hospital Leadership Events

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