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The Greeley Company combines exceptional accreditation and regulatory expertise with a sound assessment of your policies, procedures, and processes. Working with our team, you will implement solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements, but are also practical, realistic, and make good clinical sense. Greeley has deep expertise in compliance with regulations that apply to a wide range of healthcare settings: hospitals, ambulatory care, pharmacies and home care agencies.

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“Our experience with the Greeley consultants has been wonderful! From the beginning of our consultation, it was clear that they were professional, skilled, committed, and willing to do whatever it required to get the job done right. Without our consultant and his group, our institution would be in deep trouble right now. The Greeley consultants were able to assist me with hands-on, state-of-the-art approaches to satisfy the regulators and with strategic approaches to implement the cultural change needed to make the new systems self-sustaining. The skills that Greeley brought to the table were top-notch. The willingness to go the extra mile was amazing. I would recommend Greeley unconditionally. They are simply great!”

Anonymous CEO

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