Survey Readiness

The onslaught of challenges created by COVID-19 have disrupted “care as usual,” driving rapid creativity and innovation in care environments. These urgent changes made to infection prevention practices, staffing models, and care settings have consumed significant organizational attention and resources and may bring new clinical quality and safety vulnerabilities.

At the same time, the expectations of regulatory and accrediting agencies will be higher than ever as they redeploy to the field in the days and months ahead. Hospitals cannot afford the distraction and cost of fending off severe regulatory findings, but they also cannot afford to waste precious resources addressing a host of minor, often silly, issues. It is more important now than ever for hospital leaders to identify and solve the few, truly important compliance challenges.

We can help.

For 20 years, we are proud to have worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of health systems across the country to implement survey readiness and response programs that identify and address safety risks as they arise, avoid the distraction of a thousand minor issues to focus on and permanently solve truly significant safety and compliance vulnerabiities, and address regulatory challenges through simple, efficient, safe processes. This approach allows health systems to take immediate action to resolve issues that place patients at risk, far before they become a regulatory or community reputation matter.  More important, it brings focus away from the trivial many to the essential few.

Our mock survey approach, Greeley’s “Partnership for Survey Success,” emphasizes the identification of the root causes of survey vulnerabilities, providing sustainable solutions and improving overall efficiency at the point of care and service – all critical to building a lasting culture of high reliability care.

Our survey response and readiness solution allows you to:

  • Sort
    We help you filter through the growing host findings and vulnerabilities to separate the truly significant from the scores of minor issues that are of little consequence (between 75% and 90% of all survey findings).
  • Focus
    While creating easy solutions that satisfies survey agencies for minor and inaccurate findings, we show the institution how to focus on the underlying cause the high-risk, significant issues: to focus on the disease, not the symptom.
  • Simplify
    The solutions we help you craft for the few significant systems issues that are placing your institution at risk are simple, sustainable, efficient, and safe processes aimed at the point of care and service, not the conference room.

A proven partner committed to clinical and operational quality and safety, we bring:

  • A commitment to solving underlying root causes that create safety vulnerabilities
  • A practical approach focused on the areas that make most clinical sense and have the greatest impact
  • Specialty expertise in regulatory standards and areas of heightened scrutiny, such as infection control
  • An ongoing approach with multiple checkpoints to ensure sustained compliance and preparation in advance of regulatory visits
  • Proven approaches and frameworks that simplify complex processes
  • Experience with hundreds of projects related to survey readiness and SIA remediation
  • An extensive roster of satisfied clients, from prestigious teaching institutions to large hospital chains to small community hospitals
  • A breadth of expertise, including but not limited to all specialties of nursing, physician peer review, clinical informatics, quality, patient safety/causal analysis, pharmacy, behavioral health, infection prevention, environment of care/life safety, nutritional care, patient flow, credentialing and privileging, governance/oversight, economic sustainability, physician-hospital alliances, and medical staff leadership.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of processes, enabling long-term compliance
  • Improved clinician and patient satisfaction
  • Sustainable solutions that provide a true sense of safety and put you on the path to becoming a high-reliability care organization

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