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Greeley’s Physical Environment Solutions centers around the safety of buildings for their intended use in healthcare. Buildings are one of a hospital’s largest assets, and yet tend to take a backseat to clinical priorities. Greeley works to keep them safe and effective.

What we do/ Care Environment


Our Care Environment consultants concern themselves with the air, ventilation, and surfaces of the healthcare environment in order to ensure that biological hazards (infectious agents and hazardous materials) and radioactive materials are contained or eliminated to the extent possible, and that patient care and other work activities can be conducted safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Our work can deal with such diverse topics as sources and transmission vectors of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), or with safe materials handling practices. Greeley consultants have dealt with issues like Legionella and Aspergillus coming from HVAC equipment, C. difficile transmission in the ICU, sterilization procedures for specialized endoscopy equipment, surface cleaning techniques, and emergency drill procedures.

Consulting Services

Technology-driven solutions to improve efficiency and achieve regulatory compliance.

Software Solutions

Our healthcare dedicated CAFM solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of your facilities.

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