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Bring Greeley experts right to your facility for customized, convenient, and affordable training

Do you need to educate and train physician leaders, hospital administrators, medical services professionals, or others who play key roles in your medical staff and quality programs?

The Greeley Company can serve your needs, offering expert speakers with the experience and ability to enlighten and engage your audience.

Working with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Custom tailor educational curriculum, tools, and format to meet your specific needs and goals
  • Schedule training programs to occur during days and times that work best for you
  • Choose the program duration that meets your needs—half-day, full-day, or multi-day agendas
  • Greeley faculty are available to come to your facility, or present virtually if that is your preference
  • Accommodate your audience level, adapting presentations for basic, intermediate, or advanced levels
  • Gain leadership tools and strategies tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Choose seasoned Greeley faculty to facilitate your weekend retreats


Many of Greeley’s speakers are practicing physicians who present concepts in ways that physicians can relate to, using case studies and real-life examples. Don’t underestimate the power of this peer-to-peer training advantage!

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Virtual Education

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On-Demand Education


“Well done; I’ll be back for additional courses. Very thorough, well-paced, highly relevant.”

“I came across The Greeley Company through a simple web search, and now I turn to them for my education and strategic planning needs. They are able to present from both the clinical and administrative ends of the spectrum, which is crucial to the direction in which healthcare is going today.”

“Top notch speakers. I’m incredibly impressed. Very engaging material.”

“Great information! Well organized and developed for people of all backgrounds and job involvement.”

“Greeley speakers provide the perfect ‘titration’ of style and content. This information will provide the foundation to address the challenges of the next three years.”

“This course refocused my goals. It was informative, constructive, and energizing from beginning to end. I am completely impressed.”

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