Diagnosing and Treating the Clinician Burnout Epidemic

Getting Serious about Moving the Needle on Clinician Burnout

Designed to not only review the causes of burnout, this program provides a deep dive into workable solutions for treating and preventing the spread of this epidemic in your organization.

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What we do/ Education/ Diagnosing and Treating the Clinician Burnout Epidemic

“Great course to remind everyone about the 'why'. Medicine needs to relearn why we do what we do.”

“This was the most engaging lecture or seminar I’ve attended over the past few years. I didn’t want to leave the room for any reason. Nobody has the answer to physician burnout, but Greeley takes a worthwhile shot at it.”

”Dr Sheff is an excellent speaker and presenter. He is engaging and open to audience participation. He keeps the group on timetable and on task. Thank you for a great session!”


  • Senior Executives (including CMO, VPMA, and CEO)
  • Medical Staff Officers
  • Employed Physician Group Leaders
  • HR Directors
  • Physician Wellness Officers and Committee Members
  • Medical Staff Department Chairs
  • Medical Staff Professionals
  • Board Members

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7 – 8 AM

Registration & Breakfast

8 AM – 12:30 PM

Education Session

  • What is Clinician Burnout? Why Does it Matter? – What is the scope of the problem? – What are the consequences to the medical profession? – What will it really take to move the needle on clinician burnout? – Case Study – Table discussion: What problems is clinician burnout causing in your organization?
  • Applying the Medical Model: Diagnosing the Root Causes of Clinician Burnout – What’s changed to drive the epidemic of clinician burnout? – Does clinician brain chemistry matter? – What can the science of happiness teach us about burnout?

4 PM

Evening Networking Reception

Spouses and partners are welcome!

7 – 8 AM


8 AM – 12 PM

Education Session

  • Making the Diagnosis: Continued – The “Dis-integration of Healthcare” and its impact on burnout – When conflict is high and trust is low, burnout is sure to follow. Does it have to be this way?
  • From Diagnosis to Treatment: Getting to Work on the Root Causes of Burnout – Work Stream 1: How to establish institutional awareness and commitment – Table discussion: How does your organization work to improve burnout? – Work Stream 2: Enhancing integration and connectedness is harder than it looks, but no solution will work without it – Work Stream 3: How to stop doing stupid stuff – Table discussion: How to reduce the amount of stupid stuff from one clinical area or activity – Work Stream 4: Implementing intensive intervention – Table discussion: Current level of effort and processes for proactively reaching out

6:30 – 7 AM


7 – 11 AM

Education Session

  • What Will It Take to Move the Needle on Burnout? – Work Stream 5: Rethinking the EMR – Work Stream 6: Actively enhance clinician autonomy – Work Stream 7: How to help physicians rediscover the joy of medicine – Group Exercise: Types of happiness – Work Stream 8: Training clinician leaders – Work Stream 9: Enhance clinician resiliency – Work Stream 10: Address and heal conflict and low trust

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