Engaging with the Disruptive Physician

How to Navigate Common Disruptions and Set Expectations

By leveraging the Greeley methodology reviewed during the main conference, this program will teach you how to handle disruptive physicians, create policies to pre-empt behavior issues, and review legal scenarios that can arise from these situations.

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What we do/ Education/ Engaging with the Disruptive Physician

Austin, TX
March 2-6, 2022


  • Senior Executives (CEO, CMO, VPMA, PUMA)
  • Medical Directors
  • Department Chairs
  • Human Resources Professionals and Legal Counsel
  • Service Line Directors
  • OR Nursing Supervisors
  • Medical Floor Supervisors
  • Group Practice Managers
  • Board Members
  • Physician Wellness Officers and Committee Members

AGENDA - subject to change

12 – 12:30 PM

Lunch Provided in Room

12:30 – 4:30 PM

Education Session

  • Common causes of disruption in today’s healthcare environment
  • Putting the Greeley Pyramid into action – managing disruptive behavior
  • Optimizing the organizational structure and process to identify and address problem clinicians
  • Negotiation basics to achieve behavior improvement

6:30 – 7 AM


7 – 11 AM

Education Session

  • Using body language, environment, and tone to control a situation
  • Practice responses to: Increased staffing, safety quality concerns, discrimination, compensation claims, impairment
  • Negotiation exercises with real-time feedback from Greeley faculty
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