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Greeley Membership Program

The Greeley Membership Program is a multi-layered service for clients seeking an ongoing partnership to promote physician success, hospital success, and quality patient care. Membership offers a direct, easy, and efficient route for hospital and medical staff leaders to reach expert consultants for advice and help as situations arise, questions need answers, and challenges need solutions.

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What we do/ Greeley Membership Program


Directed by a group of experienced, nationally renowned experts, The Greeley Membership Program offers practical strategies and resources to meet a wide spectrum of contemporary challenges and needs in four core areas:


The Greeley Membership Program includes hospitals of all sizes and types—from critical access hospitals to large, multi-setting health systems. We work with clinical and administrative individuals and teams across entire member organizations—from executives, directors, and managers to frontline staff.

Benefits of a Greeley Membership

Membership combines the following services and resources, customized to target each member organization’s specific needs and challenges:


On-site Consulting

Any combination of assessment, design, implementation, facilitation, training, and education



Webinars focused on problematic or emerging issues across core topic areas

Expert off-site advisory services

Real-time phone and email access to expert consultants

Seminars Pricing

Preferred pricing on Greeley national seminars

Discounted pricing for Greeley’s national seminars


Members-only website

Entitles everyone throughout your organization to 24/7 online access to hundreds of continuously updated, exclusive resources and timely information, such as policies, procedures, and white papers

Service Pricing

Preferred pricing for additional services

10% discount on Greeley services purchased outside your membership program


We invite you to join The Greeley Membership Program and become part of our community! If you’re interested in becoming a member or in learning more about our program, call Membership Manager, Kelly Alex at 978-406-4717 or complete the form below.

Case Study

A rural, 225-bed tertiary care facility and teaching hospital leverages The Greeley Membership Program to optimize its state of readiness for Joint Commission survey and overcome ongoing survey challenges


The Greeley Membership Program is proud to provide its clients with a dedicated team of advisors with valuable experience and rich backgrounds as hospital, nurse, and physician executives, consultants, and former surveyors. Our professionals provide the breadth and depth of preparation, training, and education needed to drive success. Behind our advisory team stands a dedicated team of management and support staff, committed to ensuring the highest level of customized attention and member satisfaction.

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