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Serving in a hospital leadership role is critical to cultivating a culture of physicians who consistently make improving the quality of care a top priority. Working as a Greeley interim leader, you can feel confident that you have the full support of our 30+ years of healthcare consulting experience and a dedicated interim staffing team. If you “have seen it all” in your career and are looking to provide your seasoned expertise to a hospital staff in need, contact Greeley Interim Staffing at 888.749.3054.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Safety Officer

Chief Quality Officer

Benefits of becoming a Greeley Interim Hospital Executive

  • Be a leader on Day One and use your skills as a seasoned healthcare leader to help an organization through an important transition
  • Mentor specific skills and experiences to build the organization’s future talent
  • Become part of the Greeley “legend.” Greeley has served more than a 1,000 healthcare organizations and is one of the most respected names in healthcare!

Interim CMO Experience

Dr. Steve Martyak, Interim CMO

What was your overall experience working with Greeley as an interim CMO?

“Among the many positives working with Greeley include an excellent support staff that are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have a "will get it solved" attitude. Greeley commands very high respect by their clients. Greeley's reputation and credibility of having up to date solution options makes helping clients understand the guidance offered them as the best path forward.”

Would you recommend Greeley to other physician CMOs and/or other hospitals where you work? Why?

“If you have passion about your tasks and a desire to help improve healthcare delivery processes you will enjoy your experience with Greeley's approach to helping their clients.”

What were two or three take-aways for you in the role/assignment you most recently conducted on behalf of Greeley

“Greeley clients too often feel isolated in their critical decision making process...and sometime bewildered by the regulations and options. Being able to clarify, explain, and communicate what other delivery systems have successfully implemented sets them on a path of excellence with confidence and comfort.”

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