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Whether used alone, or in conjunction with our professional services, our software solution provides well organized access to drawings and data, as well as providing methodical processes for clients to manage and maintain data such as deficiencies through a well-organized cloud-based access with a suite of complementary mobile applications.

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Our TSIGWorks software at-a-glance:

  • The TSIGWorks compliance management technology was developed through a vast network of compliance professionals with ongoing collaboration provided by our seasoned engineering, safety, and regulatory clients.
  • Designed to enhance management of facility operations by providing visual compliance representation and vast reporting capabilities.
  • The TSIGWorks compliance platform serves as a collaboration bridge between regulatory consultants and the client in support of optimal survey readiness.
  • All TSIGWorks subscribers benefit from ongoing compliance support provided by our healthcare centric CAD team and regulatory compliance consultants.

TWMobile Asset Collection and Survey Tool

TWMobile is the front-end field-based version of the TSIGWorks platform. TWMobile provides remote access to hospital drawings and a field survey tool compatible with Apple iPad hardware. In ‘Asset’ mode, user can drag & drop new assets into place on the drawing, enter asset information, take pictures, and scan bar-codes. In the survey mode, user can perform important compliance surveys such as Life Safety field surveys, door inspections, and damper inspections. TSIGWorks support can provide customizable survey development to help create a unique survey for your needs.

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