Whatever your medical staff challenges, we can help.

Peer Review, Bylaws and Physician Alignment

We partner with hundreds of hospitals and systems to help them strengthen physician-hospital relations, develop a more effective medical staff and provide better care for their communities. Our consulting team of physician leaders and senior healthcare professionals specializes in helping physician and hospital leaders collaborate to produce meaningful medical staff improvements.

What we do/ Peer Review, Bylaws & Physician Alignment

Consulting Services

Greeley’s consultants have unmatched expertise in bylaws, rules and regulations, peer review and physician hospital alignment.

We offer solutions for your medical staff challenges, as well as innovative approaches to improving physician-hospital alignment.

External Peer Review

External peer review puts aspects of your system like physician performance, legal risk, quality of care, reputation, and accreditation under a microscope.

This close focus can magnify irreconcilable conflicts of interest, gaps in your medical staff’s expertise, issues around FPPEs and OPPEs, fair hearings and concerns about medical necessity. Turn to the Greeley Company, the most respected name in peer review.

Interim Staffing Services

Temporarily fill your vacant executive, director, medical services professionals and compliance positions.

If you need highly qualified, skilled staff to temporarily serve in non-clinical roles for which you’re recruiting permanent candidates, contact us.


Physician and Hospital Leadership Education Events

Greeley’s experienced speakers provide the education and skills to achieve your hospital’s most critical goals.

Greeley Membership Program

Continuous advisory support, resources, and members-only privileges for your entire organization.

The Greeley Membership program is a multi-layered service for clients seeking an ongoing partnership to promote physician success, hospital success and quality patient care.

Please call us at 888-749-3054 or complete and submit the form to have one of our representatives contact you.

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