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TSIG Consulting is now a division of The Greeley Company

What we do/ Life Safety & Physical Environment

About TSIG

For over 20 years, TSIG has helped healthcare organizations improve life safety, environment of care, emergency management, and infection control quality, safety, and compliance outcomes. TSIG joins the Greeley family of compliance professionals, adding one of the most diverse technical staffs in the industry.

Our technical team includes seasoned healthcare compliance professionals, architects, healthcare centric CAD draftsmen, fire protection engineers, environmental health scientists, and experienced healthcare facilities and safety professionals.

TSIG Solutions

TSIG provides healthcare organizations in-depth program assessment, development, and reporting. Complimentary services include compliance centric technology solutions and services to improve quality of data and drive efficiency in our client’s life safety and physical environment program management.

Life Safety Code Compliance

  • Life safety assessment
  • Life safety drawing development and field validation
  • FSES and traditional equivalency preparation
  • Preconstruction plan review
  • Egress mapping and signage

Physical Environment/Infection Prevention & Engineering Controls

  • Program assessments, audits, and mock surveys
  • Program development services
  • Specialized ventilation audit
  • Waterborne pathogen plan
  • Continuous survey readiness program
  • Interim staffing
  • Training

Compliance Management Software/CAD & Mobile Applications

  • TSIGWorks™ compliance drawing manager
  • TWMobile™ field based mobile tool for compliance assessment, inspection, and inventory
  • ECRounds™ mobile rounding tool
  • CAD field drafting services
  • Architectural background development
  • System drawing development

Barrier Compliance Services

  • Damper inspection and repair services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Door inspection and repair services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Penetration remediation fire-stop services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Barrier 365™ ongoing barrier management services and reporting

TSIG Leadership

Eric Phillips

Eric Phillips

Vice President, Client Services

Lori Dinney

Lori Dinney

Compliance Specialist

William M. Wagner

William Wagner

Senior Consultant, Physical Environment and Infection Control Team Leader

Noam Aberbach

Noam Aberbach

Director of Software Services

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