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Fire barrier inspection and repair requirements are a consistent challenge for healthcare organizations. Finding a service provider that shares your dedication to service quality, patient safety, and meeting compliance requirements just got easier. TSIG Barrier Compliance Services is a one-stop answer for the industries Barrier Management needs. TSIG leverages our best-in-class quality oversight, project management, technology and comprehensive reporting standards with national field services provider leader, Prevent Compliance & Protection to provide a truly holistic approach to barrier inspection, remediation, and reporting.

Consider TSIG as your provider for the following Barrier Compliance Services:

  • Damper inspection and repair services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Door inspection and repair services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Penetration remediation fire-stop services with compliant reporting and drawings
  • Barrier 365™ Compliance Management Program

Solve your facilities management challenges

Keeping up with code requirements on each component of your fire barrier system can be a challenge. Maintaining each component is an even greater one. Facilities Management constantly faces budget and staffing challenges. TSIG’s Barrier Compliance team provides year-round barrier compliance services. Each compliance program is customized to fit your facility and budget requirements. You can rely on TSIG Barrier Compliance Services to provide:

  • Ongoing barrier inspection and repair services for dampers, doors, and fire-stopping
  • Easy, budget friendly monthly payments
  • Remote Life Safety technical support
  • Updated system drawings showing most current state of your barrier compliance
  • Web-based access to reports and drawings
  • Life safety drawing updates


  • TSIG Project Managers have a deep understanding of all regulatory reporting requirements associated with Barrier compliance inspection and repairs.
  • TSIG partners with national industry service organizations to ensure a seamless onsite inspection and repair project.
  • All TSIG Barrier Management reporting packages include our nationally recognized drawing deliverables.

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