External Peer Review Survey Results and Insights


As you might know, The Greeley Company assists organizations of all sizes and types with their important external peer review needs. In late January, we surveyed peer review, medical staff, and quality professionals nationwide to gather information and feedback from them regarding how their organizations are using external peer review today. I wanted to share some results… [Read More]

Interim Life Safety Measures: How Can Something So Simple Cause So Much Trouble During Survey?


Over time, The Joint Commission (TJC) has intermittently circled back to the processes organizations use to manage Life Safety Code (LSC) issues during construction and renovation activities, as well as LSC deficiencies that cannot be immediately corrected. Collectively, these processes are known as Interim Life Safety Measures or ILSMs. (Note: If you conduct a web… [Read More]

Understanding Credentialing and Enrollment Processes: Healthcare Organizations vs. Health Plans


As someone who manages or oversees provider credentialing and payer enrollment for your hospital or healthcare organization, you understand the value of maintaining efficient processes across departments to save time, reduce costs and ensure providers are granted privileges as quickly as possible. Health plans (also known as managed care organizations) strive for similar goals. Understanding… [Read More]

Are You “Red Lining” Your Hospital Data?


A key way to propel our hospital data to the next level of usefulness is to consider where our “red lines” are. The manufacturer of our car has thoughtfully provided a bright “red line” on the tachometer that lets us clearly know when we are entering the “danger zone.” If we operate our car’s engine… [Read More]

INFOGRAPHIC: CMS Termination Letter: What to Expect and How to Prepare


While it’s not something any hospital wants to acknowledge, the threat of receiving a CMS Statement of Deficiencies (CMS Form 2567) with Notice of Immediate Jeopardy or Notice of Termination is a reality. Hundreds of hospitals receive such notice every year. Because hospitals must be in compliance with all CoPs to continue participation in the Medicare… [Read More]

Negligent Practitioner Credentialing: Avoid Being in the Headlines

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Greeley Membership blog.

I always look forward to the mail on Friday because it usually includes the latest issue of People Magazine. I know what you might be thinking, but reading about all the latest “gossip” as well as leading news is my guilty pleasure. Many times, I do find the articles to be quite informative—not all of… [Read More]

9 Big Reasons to Worry About the Management of the Hospital Physical Environment

Inspector wearing safety gear.

The song remains the same – only the tempo has changed! As we head toward the promise of a very different 2017 regulatory landscape under a new President, it is very clear that each healthcare organization will continue to experience (endure?!?) an elevated focus on the management of the physical environment. And the clarity is… [Read More]

Onsite Education for Your Physician, Medical Staff, and Hospital Leaders

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The Greeley Company is well known for our national physician and hospital leadership seminars. But did you know the expert faculty members for our national programs can provide customized onsite education at your organization? Booking Q1 2017 engagements now! It’s an ideal time to bring our experts onsite to prepare any new leaders and help… [Read More]

Credentialing Compliance and Accreditation Tips for the New Year

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Greeley Membership blog.

January is a time when many of us reflect on the happenings of the previous year and will set new goals for 2017. Some of the top resolutions include spend more time with family and friends, exercise more, learn something new, and get organized. As MSPs, it is also a good time to evaluate current… [Read More]

Free Webinar: Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era


As hospitals form more expansive networks, small inefficiencies in individual credentialing processes compound and become increasingly disruptive at the system level. But for healthcare organizations that do credentialing well, the positive results are substantial. They include reduced costs and risks, to both the patient and the institution, quicker performance, and enhanced revenue, all centered on… [Read More]