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Conquering Infection Control Survey Vulnerabilities

12/10/2020 – During this webinar, we’ll share our proven approach to leveraging scarce infection prevention expertise across the organization.

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Be Prepared as CMS and Joint Commission Surveys Come Back “on line”

9/30/2020 – Learn how to cope with changes in the survey process from our decades of experience with state, CMS and Joint Commission reviews.

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Preparing for Post-Pandemic Surveys

7/15/2020 – The Joint Commission and CMS have started to re-engage with hospitals and other healthcare organizations as communities across the country begin to emerge from the surge standard of care.

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Meeting the Joint Commission’s New Perinatal Standards

2/13/2020 – Join Greeley experts as we take an in depth look at the new requirements for the recognition and treatment of maternal hemorrhage and preeclampsia.

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Understanding New CMS Requirements for Hospitals

12/13/2019 – Put recent CMS changes into context with possible changes in the interpretive guidelines process.

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Looking Forward to 2020: Preparing for Surveys in the New Year

11/6/2019 – Review trends and patterns in Joint Commission and CMS survey findings, and outline the best way to prepare for routine and for-cause surveys in the coming year.

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Stop the Survey Madness

10/11/2019 – For over 30 years, The Greeley Company has helped hospitals remove the madness surrounding accreditation and regulatory surveys – let us show you a better way in this free webinar.

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