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Stop the Survey Madness

10/11/2019 – For over 30 years, The Greeley Company has helped hospitals remove the madness surrounding accreditation and regulatory surveys – let us show you a better way in this free webinar.

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Surviving CMS Surveys

7/24/2019 – This free webinar that will share lessons learned from over 30 years of helping hospitals across the country successfully resolve threats to their Medicare certification and stay out of trouble.

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Designing a Fair and Effective Aging Practitioners Policy

6/17/2019 – This webinar will provide attendees struggling to design an aging policy with Greeley’s methodology for identifying competency issues among senior physicians to prevent incidents that could have long-term consequences for both patients and practitioners.

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Navigating a Joint Commission Survey Disaster

6/6/2019 – This new complimentary Insights webinar will walk you through the all-too-frequent, nerve-racking challenges to your hospital’s Medicare certification and Joint Commission accreditation.

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Diagnosis and Treatment for the Physician Burnout Epidemic

5/23/2019 – Physician burnout is an epidemic, and like most epidemics, there isn’t one simple solution. However, the Greeley Company has been working on a solution for years. We are now ready to share a new, breakthrough approach to diagnosing and treating the physician burnout epidemic in this live one-hour webinar.

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Infection Prevention Workshop: Disinfection and Sterilization

Join Greeley’s faculty in this new workshop that delivers actionable and practical solutions for infection prevention.

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Avoiding the Medical Necessity Hot Seat

3/14/2019 – Learn about recent CMS/OIG settlements in the tens of millions that have hospitals and systems thinking twice about trusting the medical staff’s regular peer review process to adequately evaluate medical necessity and take proactive steps if/when self-reporting is warranted.

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SC-01B Suicide Ligature Risk Assessment and Mitigation

This workshop in the Greeley ‘Simplify & Comply’ Premium Learning series will help you become bulletproof during survey through the use of a comprehensive ligature assessment and reassessment tool.

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SC-01A Identifying and Protecting Patients At-Risk for Suicide

This session of the Greeley ‘Simplify & Comply’ Premium Learning series discusses common sense solutions for suicide screening, suicide assessment, and suicide precautions with special emphasis on the emergency department and general acute care units.

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Simplification Solves the Compliance Conundrum

12/13/2018 – Steven W. Bryant, President and CEO of The Greeley Company discusses the key to getting clinicians back to critical thinking at the bedside and how simplifying expectations can get rid of unnecessary complexities in the documentation process.

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