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Avoiding the Medical Necessity Hot Seat

Learn about recent CMS/OIG settlements in the tens of millions that have hospitals and systems thinking twice about trusting the medical staff’s regular peer review process to adequately evaluate medical necessity and take proactive steps if/when self-reporting is warranted.

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SC-01B Suicide Ligature Risk Assessment and Mitigation

This workshop in the Greeley ‘Simplify & Comply’ Premium Learning series will help you become bulletproof during survey through the use of a comprehensive ligature assessment and reassessment tool.

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SC-01A Identifying and Protecting Patients At-Risk for Suicide

This session of the Greeley ‘Simplify & Comply’ Premium Learning series discusses common sense solutions for suicide screening, suicide assessment, and suicide precautions with special emphasis on the emergency department and general acute care units.

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CMS Survey Hot Spots – Looking Ahead to 2019

12/6/2018 – Join Greeley regulatory compliance and quality experts for a free webinar. Greeley faculty will share common vulnerabilities that trigger 90-day CMS “terminations” or preliminary denial of Joint Commission (and other) accreditation.

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Optimizing Physician Leadership Across Your Organization – A Critical Leverage Point for Success

11/6/2018 – Join Greeley CMO, Rick Sheff, MD, as he shares solutions hospitals and healthcare systems are developing to enhance the effectiveness and ROI for physician leadership positions across their organization, including medical staff leaders, medical directors and physician executives.

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Medical Necessity – The Case for Checks and Balances

9/13/2018 – Greeley CMO Rick Sheff, MD, is joined by trusted legal counsel to explore medical necessity. Recent CMS/OIG settlements in the hundreds of millions have hospitals and systems thinking twice about trusting the medical staff’s regular peer review process to identify challenges and take proactive steps if/when self-reporting is warranted and appropriate.

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Trends in Survey Findings – Infection Control Triple Threat

8/23/2018 – In this webinar, Phillip Boaz, RN, MSN, will discuss common regulatory and accreditor survey findings, plus provide tips on how to avoid the infection control triple threat in high-level disinfection, operating room environment, and hemodialysis.

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The APP Conundrum

6/14/2018 – Advanced Practice Professionals (APPs) have new and greater responsibilities in hospitals and medical practices across the US. Has your organization updated policies, processes, guidelines, and expectations to accommodate APPs in their new clinical and leadership roles? In this webinar, Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS, shares some key considerations and tips.

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Bylaws – When to Review, When to Redesign, How to Manage The Process

5/3/2018 – This is an essential overview meant to orient hospital and system Boards, MEC members, and physician leaders who want to better understand what bylaws mean and how they should be crafted and managed over time to serve and protect the organization and its providers, staff, and patients.

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Simplification – Three Winning Initiatives for Getting Clinicians Back to The Bedside

1/11/2018 – What’s your New Year’s Resolution? How about getting clinicians back to the bedside? This webinar will cover three initiatives that do just that. Greeley CEO Steve Bryant will talk about how to distill your policies, refine your clinical processes, and lean your EMR. All lofty, but very doable goals. Make 2018 your year to SIMPLIFY and start right here.

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