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Practitioner peer review is an essential part of high-quality healthcare. But too often, it becomes a compulsory, regulatory exercise. Learn seven secrets to getting real value from peer review.

As someone who manages or oversees provider credentialing and payer enrollment for your hospital or healthcare organization, you understand the value of maintaining efficient processes across departments to save time, reduce costs and ensure providers are granted privileges as quickly as possible.

Why should the medical staff care about helping management achieve its financial goals? After all, isn’t the role of the medical staff to practice clinical medicine in an evidence-based manner and for management to count the beans and manage the books? Particularly, why should physicians in community practice care at all? Isn’t the object to capture as much revenue as […]

Hospitals need to recognize that the medical staff is one of the most important assets of the hospital and a key determinant of its success or failure. Investing in a strategic medical staff development plan is critical to the success of any hospital. This white paper offers insights to help you create a medical staff development plan that takes into […]

A recent visit with a hospital and its medical staff struggling with the challenge of physician coverage of unassigned patients for the emergency department (ED) and inpatient consultations was troubling. For that hospital, discussions between some physician groups and the hospital degenerated into anger, threats, and broken trust. The physician demands for ED call compensation easily outstrip the hospital’s entire bottom line. […]

How’s the “weather” for physician-hospital collaboration in your organization? With this white paper, you can answer this and other important questions regarding physician-hospital relationships in your organization. You’ll receive practical advice on how to determine the cultural climate in your organization and implement change. And you’ll learn how to “sail the seven Cs” through core competencies your medical staff needs […]

Download the PDF CMS and all hospital accreditation organizations require peer review, but do not require any particular way to organize your peer review program. This is a plus for those who want to do effective peer review to meet the needs of their particular medical staff culture and resources. Whatever review structure you choose, make sure it is able [...]

One of the most difficult challenges facing medical staff leaders is overseeing professional conduct on the medical staff and confronting disruptive behavior. In addition, there is now a legal, regulatory, and accreditation mandate to eliminate professional conduct that may create a “hostile work environment” and place patients in potential jeopardy. This white paper provides a roadmap for approaching disruptive behavior […]

Download the PDF While EPR is used for a broad range of purposes, it typically is thought of as the review of a medical record for individual cases in which concerns have been raised regarding the quality or appropriateness of care. This review can be based on concerns regarding adverse outcomes, the appropriateness of procedures or treatments, or the use [...]

In most hospitals nationwide, physician leaders are redesigning the way they tackle self-governance, credentialing, peer review, communication, and medical staff administration. Yet in spite of dramatic changes like these, most medical staffs are organized and function much as they have for decades. This white paper offers insights to help you revise your bylaws to accurately reflect the changes you have […]

Physicians are rapidly moving from assuming emergency department (ED) call is an obligation of medical staff membership to assuming ED call is a hospital obligation they should be paid to fulfill. Once they’ve made this shift, they want to know how much they will be paid for call. In fact, physicians are increasingly dictating this amount to hospitals before they […]

With the rapid evolution of new technology, the declining reimbursement for physicians and hospitals, and the necessity to continually innovate and improve the quality of care, the pressure to institute new technology and introduce new privileges while keeping patients safe is a growing concern.

Many healthcare organizations continue to struggle with which practitioners should—or must—be privileged via the medical staff process. This is not a simple issue and is further complicated by the fact that there is a lot of “folklore” about what is required in this area to be in compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements. Click here to download our white paper on […]

Download the PDF The accelerating exodus of physicians from hospitals today creates a challenge for most medical staffs: what to do with low-volume and no-volume providers. At reappointment time, department chairs, credentials committees, and medical staff professionals wonder what to do with these providers for whom they have no performance data. To develop the best approach to low-volume/no-volume practitioners for [...]

When we think about the essential elements of a truly effective medical staff services department or credentialing office, we recognize the pivotal role of the medical services professional (MSP).  But what would a progressive medical staff services department or credentialing office look like if it continuously fulfilled its mission in patient safety while also supporting physician-hospital integration and alignment—as the […]

Hospitals and health systems regularly outsource non-core functions to specialty service companies to increase service levels, enhance quality, and control cost. The medical staff services department has historically been ‘below the radar’ as a business function. Increasingly, however, the workload and service levels of this function have a direct effect on revenue, cost, quality, compliance, and physician satisfaction. Greeley Company […]

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