The Credentialing Solution

Everything Medical Staff Leaders and Medical Services Professionals Need to Know about Credentialing and Privileging

Manage today’s most difficult Credentialing and Privileging issues

This event will provide credentialing committee members, medical staff leaders, and medical services professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to design a credentialing and privileging program that protects patients, is fair to physicians and clinicians, and complies with accreditation and regulatory requirements.

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Scottsdale, AZ
October 27-29, 2022
Carlsbad, CA
December 8-10, 2022

By attending this program, you will learn:

  • Match privileges granted to demonstrated current competence
  • Manage low- and no-volume practitioners
  • Address challenges related to privileging advanced practice professionals
  • Manage high-risk credentialing in a way that protects patients and the hospital, avoiding negligent credentialing
  • Explain the implications to credentialing committee members of recent legal cases and landmark cases on credentialing practices today
  • Illustrate a practical approach to effective focused professional practice evaluation (FPPE)
  • Formulate options for managing the dual (management,medical staff) responsibilities related to employed physicians


Organizations that send a team consisting of the following benefit the most from this program:

  • Medical Staff Leaders
  • Credentialing Committee Members
  • Medical Directors
  • APP Leaders
  • Board Members
  • Medical Services Professionals
  • Healthcare Attorneys
  • Quality Professionals

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7 – 8 AM:

Registration & Continental Breakfast

8 AM – 12:30 PM

Education Session

Principles of Effective Credentialing and Privileging - Controlling pressure from influential groups or individuals to credential quickly - Dealing with superb clinicians with sub-optimal citizenship - Balancing patient care, physician success, and hospital success - Deciding who must be credentialed and privileged - Going beyond the traditional steps of credentialing - Managing unusual privileging requests - Obtaining the most value from peer references – Matching competency with clinical privileges

Roles and Responsibilities in Credentialing

Landmark Cases Establishing Legal Precedent – A face with many names (e.g., negligent credentialing, corporate negligence, negligent selection) - Doctrine of charitable immunity - Duty to exercise due care - Protection from immunity

Current Legal Cases, Lessons Learned – Grandfathering—friend or foe? - Responding to professional reference requests - Challenges to precautionary suspension

Evolving Credentialing Standards (Initial & Reappointment) – Leading credentialing practices to protect patients, healthcare organizations, and practitioners - Value-added credentialing elements

Applying the “Four Steps” to a Physician Applicant – The good, the bad, and the ugly in bylaws statements – An exercise in red flag management using the Four Steps of Credentialing

12:30 PM


4 PM


7 – 8 AM:


7 – 7:45 AM:

Optional Session

Controversies in Board Certification: Maintenance of Certification, Alternative Certifying Boards, and the Link Between Board Certification and Quality

8 AM – 12:30 PM:

Education Session

The Greeley Pyramid - Keys to achieving great physician performance & accountability

APP Conundrum: How to manage their expanding role - Addressing the expanding roles or scope creep in a nontraditional training environment - Determining organizational culture - Liability carrier considerations – Policy considerations - Privileging—Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

How To Create Privileging Criteria from A To Z: New privileges, technology, services, specialties, expanding scopes of practice - Case studies plus 8 steps to successfully manage requests for new services and new technology

How to Manage Temporary Privileges to Mitigate Risk and Protect Patients - Defining patient, community, and hospital need - What can be done to reduce risk and protect patients? - Where do locum tenens fit in this picture?

Employed Physicians: Who is Responsible—Management or the Medical Staff? - Is it one size fits all? – Case studies: What went wrong? & who is responsible for addressing behavior and citizenship issues and clinical competency issues? - NPDB reporting: How to avoid physician employment misadventures

Credentialing Solutions for Clinical Integration and Physician Employment - Decreasing duplication – Increasing efficiency - Increasing physician and staff satisfaction

12:30 PM


7 – 8 AM:


8 AM – 12:00 PM:

Education Session

Performance Monitoring to Cover All the Bases – Accreditation requirements - Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) - Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)

Potpourri of Competency Assessment Challenges Due to Low- and No-Volume - Lack of inpatient activity - “Just in case” coverage - Single practitioners in a specialty - No current clinical activity - The increasingly narrow practice

The Aging Physician - Strategies to protect patients and support the practitioner - Aging is not for sissies – Analogies with medicine - Accreditation requirements - Policy considerations

12 PM


Agenda is subject to change

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Client Testimonial

“Our credentialing process has significantly improved since we started sending our credentialing committee members to Greeley events. Our credentialing committee is able to apply principled decisions to the credentialing process. They recognize when they have deviated from a principled credentialing process and are able to perform an analysis of the problem to determine an appropriate solution and apply it”

Anonymous General Counsel from a 300-bed hospital in Maryland

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