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Four New Greeley Education Programs Designed for Tackling Healthcare’s Most Challenging Issues

In the last decade alone, Greeley has educated over 11,000 physicians and hospital leaders through our  Physician and Hospital Leadership Education national seminars. In anticipation of our upcoming events in Phoenix, AZ and Boca Raton, FL we have expanded our educational offerings to include four new programs. These programs cover critical issues in today’s evolving healthcare environment, such as moving […]

Resolving Credentialing Concerns for Practitioners Re-entering Practice

Do you need assistance in creating an effective credentialing policy for returning practitioners? Contact us: 888.749.3054 Is your facility open to working with clinicians who seek to return to practice after an extended voluntary absence from patient care?  Do you have consistent policies for addressing requests from practitioners to expand/change their scope of practice and refresh skillsets they have not […]


The Top 10 Things Your Hospital Can Do to Avoid and Cope with a Joint Commission Survey Disaster

What are the Odds of a Medicare Deficiency after a Joint Commission Survey? Your hospital has a 50-50 chance of being in serious trouble when the survey team walks out of your door at the end of your next full Joint Commission survey. That means half of accredited hospitals will also need to prepare for a Medicare Deficiency Follow-up Survey […]


Ask a CMO: Moving the Needle on Physician Burnout

On May 23, 2019 The Greeley Company held a national online webcast covering the Physician Burnout Epidemic. (View this free webinar.) This post is an insightful Q&A with Greeley’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rick Sheff, on his approach to addressing physician burnout. Physician burnout is an epidemic, and like most epidemics, there isn’t one simple solution. However, the Greeley Company […]


Questions and Answers from The Greeley Company “Survey Hot Spots” Online Learning

The Greeley Company held a national online seminar covering the top 20 Joint Commission and the top 22 CMS citations in recent years. This post covers the questions posed by the webinar audience, along with Greeley’s response.


Common Survey Challenges: Contract Monitoring

Question: Surveyors have cited us for standards, such as contracted services, and are inconsistent with content of this webinar…. Is this where negotiation with surveyor is necessary?


Common Survey Challenges: Suicide Screening, Assessment and Precautions

Question: Should screening for suicidality be documented for all patients or only if certain criteria are met?


Common Survey Challenges: Medication Security

Question: Can you go into more detail about what the regulations require for medication storage. In our facility, pharmacy insists that any and all medications be locked unless under 24/7 observation.


Common Survey Challenges: Infection Control

Question: Does food storage include staff refrigerators or only refrigerators with patient items?


Common Survey Challenges: Restraint Orders

Question: You said that orders for non-violent restraints no longer need to be renewed every 24 hours?

The Joint Commission’s “Enhanced Survey Process” Puts a Microscope on the Sterilization/Disinfection Cycle

Four steps healthcare organizations can take to meet the scoring revisions


CMS and Accreditation Survey Hot Spots A Look Forward 2019

If hospital survey results during the past year are any indication, 2019 should be a very busy and challenging year for hospitals across the country.

A second “time out” is required by NFPA 99 for some surgical procedures

Joint Commission representatives have begun emphasizing the need for an additional “NFPA Time Out” for some surgical cases.

When exactly is “Bylaws Season”?

Hospitals seem to have a season for everything. There are preparations and protocols and promotions for the onset of tourist- and flu-seasons.

Focusing on High-Level Disinfection

Among the topics slated for “enhanced” attention during Joint Commission surveys are high-level disinfection and sterilization, which continue to be problematic for hospitals across the country.


Policy, Procedure, or Guideline?

If you are looking to make a change at your hospital to define or revise the way you do or should be doing things, be sure you understand whether the change should be made in policy, procedure, or guideline, or to what extent in each.


Mock Surveys: Helpful vs. Unhelpful Recommendations

There are two types of recommendations that can come out of a mock survey: good recommendations and unhelpful recommendations.


Areas of Focus: Enhanced Joint Commission Survey Process

If your hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC), your CEO recently received a letter.

Pain Points in the Opioid Epidemic… for Hospitals and Physician Practices

No more Mr. Niceguy. It started as “better guidance” for prescribers as concerns mounted that the over-prescription of opioid pain…


Marijuana in the Hospital Environment

As more states legalize marijuana, more physicians have begun recommending cannabis to their patients for the management of pain, nausea, anxiety, and loss of appetite.

Still “laundry list” privileging? Let’s talk about OPPE and FPPE.

If you are still using “laundry list” privileging as opposed to core privileging, you are likely struggling to perform meaningful OPPE and FPPE. If a laundry list for a typical specialist includes 60-80 privileges, how do you determine current competence for each?

7 Common Hospital Conflicts + 1 Proven Conflict Resolution Tool = WAY Less Conflict

Hospitals and medical staffs all too often experience predictable areas ….

Does Your Medical Staff Services Department “Flex Up” to Meet Demand?

If you are still using “laundry list” privileging as opposed to core privileging, you are likely struggling to perform meaningful OPPE and FPPE.

What Medical Directors Need to Succeed: Is Empowerment Enough?

Is your organization struggling with physician engagement — getting physicians on the organized medical staff on board with scheduling imperatives, quality and cost initiatives, and management expectations?

The Best of Both Worlds: Honor Your Organization by NOT Choosing an Internal Interim CMO

Every organization has struggled at one point or another to fill this key and complex role. It takes time to find a great Chief Medical Officer.

The ED Physical Environment: Preparing for Behavioral Health Patients

In recent weeks (months?!), there’s been a lot of discussion relative to the identification and mitigation of risks in the environment relating to the management of behavioral health patients.

Seven “Doable” Med Staff Services Resolutions for 2018

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions for your medical staff services team for 2018? Here are some resolutions Greeley helped clients make and achieve for 2017.

Outliers: Privileging & Peer Review in Ambulatory Settings

Co-Author: Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS Are your patients and practitioners protected in the ambulatory environment?

Vacancies in Quality Leadership Can Cause Domino Effects

The most recent data shows unemployment among salaried employees at hospitals is flat-lining at 1.4 percent and turnover in healthcare

Two Signs a Hospital’s Financial Health Isn’t What it Could Be

Can you connect these dots to suboptimal financial performance in your organization?

Can Mars and Venus Really Get Along? Part I: When Physicians Join a Hospital/System

Cultural Challenges Integrating Physicians with Hospitals and Systems More than half of physicians practicing in the United States

Can Mars and Venus Really Get Along? Part II: When a Hospital/System Joins with Physicians

Cultural Challenges Integrating Physicians with Hospitals and Systems More than half of physicians practicing in the United States

Where Risk Lives: Snapshots of Negligent Credentialing

ATTENTION In-House Counsel and MSPs: Do these negligent credentialing scenarios sound familiar?

10 “Aging Physicians” Issues Hospitals Are Facing

Age catches up with all of us, but in medicine, it’s catching up with some more than others.

11 Ways Increasing Employed Physician Numbers Magnify Medical Staff “Issues”

According to a 2016 survey, as many as 58 percent of physicians in the United States are employed by a hospital or physician group.

High Level Disinfection: Challenges with Infection Prevention and Control Standards

By now everyone should be well aware that two categories of standards rise to the top in the volume of regulatory findings. These are Environment of Care and Infection Prevention and Control. One standard in particular receives a lot of citations varying widely in range: Joint Commission Infection Prevention and Control standard IC.02.02.01. However, while a variety of findings roll […]

FDA Bans Powdered Gloves: Avoiding a Leadership Citation

You may have heard in passing that the FDA banned the use of powdered gloves in January 2017 due to patient and employee safety. You may have moved on thinking the use of these antiquated gloves was not an issue for you. Think you are safe? Who uses or orders powdered gloves anymore? Think again. Powdered gloves still exist. One […]

Comments to The Joint Commission’s Proposed Pain Management Standards

Summary: The Greeley Company’s consulting model is intended to help hospitals and their affiliated Medical Staffs build and strengthen effective leadership and oversight processes. We teach and reinforce the Greeley Medical Staff Leadership Model and the Framework for Sustained Compliance to help hospitals attain and maintain lasting and value-driven improvements to safety, experience and efficiency. We also recognize The Joint […]

Yes, you can still clarify Joint Commission findings (Part 2)

How to clarify Don’t get hung up on the clarification format. Sometimes explanations don’t fit well into the Joint Commission’s “who, when, what, how, and why” outline and your explanation won’t be clear.

Yes, you can still clarify Joint Commission findings (Part 1)

Rumor has it that the Joint Commission removed the option to clarify survey findings. This rumor is not true.

Proposed Changes to the Joint Commission’s Suicide Prevention Safety Goal

The Joint Commission has proposed some changes to it’s national patient safety goal for suicide prevention.

External Peer Review Survey Results and Insights

As you might know, The Greeley Company assists organizations of all sizes and types with their important external peer review needs.

Interim Life Safety Measures: How Can Something So Simple Cause So Much Trouble During Survey?

Over time, The Joint Commission (TJC) has intermittently circled back to the processes organizations use to manage Life Safety Code (LSC) issues during construction

Are You “Red Lining” Your Hospital Data?

A key way to propel our hospital data to the next level of usefulness is to consider where our “red lines” are.

Negligent Practitioner Credentialing: Avoid Being in the Headlines

I always look forward to the mail on Friday because it usually includes the latest issue of People Magazine.

9 Big Reasons to Worry About the Management of the Hospital Physical Environment

The song remains the same – only the tempo has changed! As we head toward the promise of a very different 2017 regulatory landscape under a new President

Onsite Education for Your Physician, Medical Staff, and Hospital Leaders

The Greeley Company is well known for our national physician and hospital leadership seminars.

Credentialing Compliance and Accreditation Tips for the New Year

January is a time when many of us reflect on the happenings of the previous year and will set new goals for 2017.

Credentialing Advancements in a New Delivery Era

As hospitals form more expansive networks, small inefficiencies in individual credentialing processes compound and become increasingly disruptive at the system level.

6 Questions Your External Peer Review Policy Should Address

External Peer Review (EPR) typically is thought of as the review of a medical record for individual cases in which concerns have been raised regarding the quality or appropriateness of care.

Top Medical Staff Services Department Staffing Challenges Revealed

Medical staff services departments might need interim staffing assistance at any point for a variety of reasons.

Peer Review Pop Quiz

Think you have your physician peer review covered? Before you answer “yes,” consider: Would you rate your peer review as highly efficient, fair, and effective?

Greeley to Participate in Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual CEO & CFO Roundtable

Over 500 healthcare executives and industry leaders from across the country will gather November 7-9 at the Swissotel

Physician Engagement and Alignment Strategies

As The Greeley Company continues our work with hospital and system administrators and physician leaders in this unprecedented time of change in healthcare

Greeley’s CMO, Rick Sheff, MD, Examines Current State of Healthcare at Becker’s Annual Meeting

Dan Nielsen, former healthcare executive turned speaker and author, conducted several enlightening interviews at the 2016 Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting in Chicago.

2016 NAMSS Conference Take-Aways

Another NAMSS conference has come and gone. This is an event that many of us look forward to every year—a chance to see old friends and meet new

Greeley to participate in NAMSS national conference Sept. 17-21 in Boston

The Greeley Company is looking forward to participating in the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) 40th Educational Conference and Exhibition,

Spotlight: Sustainability framework improves compliance

Administrators at a 300-bed tertiary healthcare facility brought in consultants from The Greeley Company to help guide them through a compliance remediation program.

Final Installment of New External Peer Review Guide Available Now!

The Greeley Company is pleased to release the fourth and final part of our new guidebook, The Greeley Guide to External Peer Review.

Part Three of New External Peer Review Guide Available Now!

in May and June, The Greeley Company released the first two parts of our four-part new guidebook,

One Anticipated Move and One Unexpected Departure: The Life Safety Code takes on a new perspective

For those of you who closely follow the ebb and flow of the physical environment regulatory compliance season, 2016 has been an unusually busy year

Part Two of New External Peer Review Guide Available Now!

Last month, The Greeley Company released the first of our four-part new guidebook, The Greeley Guide to External Peer Review.

Part One of New External Peer Review Guide Available Now!

The increasing spotlight on quality and safety issues in healthcare has made peer review more important than ever.

The New Paradigm: Delegated Credentialing in the MSSD

The number of employed practitioners at your hospital is increasing. Provider enrollment with the managed care payers is time-consuming and long delays are being encountered. A significant loss of revenue has been incurred over the last year due to the inability to bill for patient care services while your practitioners waited to be credentialed by the payers.

Top 5 Takeaways from Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting

If you were among the healthcare leaders who participated in the recent Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting in Chicago

CMS Adopts 2012 Life Safety Code—The day has finally arrived!

Today, Tuesday May 3, 2016, CMS announced the full adoption of the provisions of the 2012 edition of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, effective July 5, 2016.

Greeley to Sponsor George W. Bush Keynote Address and Present at Becker’s Hospital Review 7th Annual Meeting

Over 1,500 healthcare executives and industry leaders from across the country will gather later this week, April 27-30, at the Hyatt Regency, Chicago,

How Top Organizations Are Transforming Their Credentialing and Reaping Major Rewards

The considerable length of time it can take to credential and enroll practitioners in health care networks

Stop the Line: Credentialing for the OR

“Stop the line” is a very familiar term to me, through my years of experience in the hospital setting.

Free Download: Credentialing Compilation Guidebook

My colleagues from The Greeley Company and I hope that you’re enjoying this holiday season and feeling energized for the New Year!

NAMSS Annual Conference 2015 Musings

A little over a week ago, I had the “NAMSS experience.” This year’s conference theme was about embracing change.

Phased Approach to Building Hospital-Physician Trust and Collaboration Achieves Positive Outcomes

A regional hospital with 350+ beds and a physician group practice of approximately 20 physicians plus allied health practitioners had tried to collaborate multiple times for more than ten years.

Complimentary Webinar: How to Manage Temporary Privileges to Mitigate Risk and Protect Patients

How to Manage Temporary Privileges to Mitigate Risk and Protect Patients Thursday

Multifaceted Engagement Leads to Credentialing, Privileging, and Bylaws Improvements

The Chief Executive Officer/General Counsel and Credentials Chair of a 25-bed, physician-owned surgical hospital engaged The Greeley Company about conducting a gap analysis between their existing processes and leading practices, with the goal of making improvements based on Greeley methodologies.

Greeley Response to Recent CMS Statements about Temporary Privileges

Recent public statements by CMS representatives have raised questions about the mechanism a hospital should use to authorize/approve temporary privileges.

Download 3 Free Physician-Hospital Alignment & Conflict Resolution Resources

As my Greeley colleagues and I continue our work with hospital administrators and physician leaders nationwide in this unprecedented time of change in healthcare

Customized Core Privileging Project Produces Compliant, Highly Effective Privileging System

During a July 2014 Joint Commission survey, one of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center’s specialty hospitals experienced some specific compliance challenges related to their core privileging forms.

Outsourcing As A Solution to Your Credentialing Woes

Historically, the medical staff services department has operated behind the scenes in healthcare organizations,

Physical Environment Continues to Be TJC Survey Hot Button

t should come as no surprise that nine out of the 10 most frequently cited standards during 2014 TJC surveys were directly applicable to the management of the physical environment.

Credentials File Audit Leads to Multiple Discoveries

After performing some random credentialing file reviews, a multi-entity health system of 200+ beds that is part of a larger academic

Greeley to participate at Becker’s Annual Meeting, May 7-9

The Greeley Company is looking forward to participating this week in the Becker’s Hospital Review 6th Annual Meeting, May 7-9 at Swissotel, Chicago, IL.

How ‘Leaning’ Your EMR Improves Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

We have all had beliefs we held to be true, only to find out at some point in the future that those beliefs were myths.

How hospitals can avoid physician impostors

The Greeley Company’s Chief Credentialing Officer, Sally Pelletier, was recently interviewed for the following story on physician imposters in Becker’s Hospital Review:

New Solutions for Physician-Hospital Integration

The imperative in healthcare today is to rapidly and significantly improve quality and reduce costs.

Credentialing Under Construction

A contractor is building several new homes in my community. I have been watching the excavation and grading of the property, the concrete basements being poured and the walls going up.

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