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Industry consolidation, regulatory challenges, new payment models, a jump in physician employment—how well is your Medical Staff Services Dept managing change?

As provider organizations prepare for a changed future post COVID, health systems must make it easier for medical staff to effectively deliver care across the system, without unnecessary barriers, bureaucracy or costs. Doing so will not only maintain the advantages of flexibility for physicians and patients, but also contribute to cost savings and revenue enhancement essential to rebuilding margins.

Greeley’s core mission is to help hospitals deliver high-quality, cost-effective patient care. In an effort to provide further education on the evolving global outbreak, we have launched a Resource Center with the latest industry updates. We will also be updating our blogs with news as it becomes available. We hope the COVID-19 related insights below are timely and valuable to […]

Renee Mock, CPMSM, CPCS outlines the journey to paperless credentials files at her hospital in this insightful article.  Change is hard, so you need to be up for the challenge. At Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, we decided to go paperless for two reasons. First, we had already implemented an electronic application and re-application in our provider database, and we didn’t [...]

Greeley Senior Consultant Bud Pate shares advice with Becker's Clinical Leadership on how to avoid adverse findings, and what to do if things go wrong. This article summarizes 30 years of Greeley best practices into a simple guide for those involved with survey preparedness and response. Put simply, hundreds of lessons learned by Greeley's CMS Termination response and remediation teams form [...]

Medical necessity investigations and lawsuits pose a threat to healthcare providers. Launch a medical necessity surveillance and accountability program today.

Advanced practice nurses and physician assistants are playing increasingly important roles in patient care and organized leadership, stirring up a new set of challenges and opportunities for hospitals and health systems. A growing workforce of advanced practice professionals is countering physician shortages across the U.S., and more of these clinicians are stepping into medical staff leadership positions. The Bureau of […]

Older healthcare practitioners maintain strong employment. Use this guidance for physician groups, hospitals, and systems to create practitioner aging policies.

A well-structured, adaptable medical staff services department (MSSD) can make a real difference in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Mergers and acquisitions continue at a rapid pace, regulatory challenges are increasing, and payment models are evolving, all of which make the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment functions of the MSSD crucial. Increasingly, MSSDs are being tasked with larger objectives, including improving the [...]

In this new article published in Becker's Hospital Review, Amy Niehaus presents three areas CFOs and Revenue Cycle professionals need to explore.  By reading "Reclaiming Revenue: A Found-Money Trifecta in Credentialing, Privileging and Enrollment," you will see that, yes, there is revenue rattling around in the medical staff services department (MSSD).  It's time to reclaim it!  Fill out the form below [...]

Hospitals benefit from creating documentation efficiencies. Learn to simplify processes, stay compliant with regulations and increase focus on patient care.

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, certain influencers intensify the need for the routine use of temporary privileges and/or the ongoing use of locum tenens. There is a lot of pressure to quickly get certain practitioners and specialties credentialed and privileged.

  • Revenue enhancement
  • Risk reduction and quality enhancement
  • Physician satisfaction

Data integrity is critical for the credentialing department to appropriately manage the initial application process, timeliness of verifications, recredentialing compliance, and other accreditation requirements. Data also ensures that the customers of the data can trust it for their needs. If the data is not accurate, consistent, valid, and reliable, it will not be trusted. There are many things that can [...]

Download the PDF Many compliance-related activities that exist in hospitals today are carried out based on the mythological belief that these things must be done to maintain the strict requirements set forth by regulating bodies such as CMS, The Joint Commission, and others. Hospital businesses are undertaking these efforts and expenses based on the myth instead of the reality. Incredibly, [...]

If your hospital has received a Statement of Deficiencies (CMS Form 2567) with Notice of Immediate Jeopardy or Notice of Termination, it has been determined that your hospital has a condition-level deficiency. This means your hospital is not in substantial compliance with one or more of the CMS Conditions of Participation. Condition-level deficiencies are more serious than element-level or standard-level deficiencies, [...]

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