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Experience exciting exchanges of ideas, strategies, and practical advice for conquering today’s most pressing challenges through these valuable healthcare seminars. Walk away with the education and skills needed to achieve the goals that are most critical to your hospital’s success.

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What we do/ Education

Physician-to-Physician training makes a difference

Our expert speakers and advisors are practicing physicians, which enhances their ability to connect with your physicians.

Greeley's faculty present materials and concepts during our healthcare seminars in ways that physicians can understand, and provide stories and examples to which physicians can relate. Don’t underestimate the power of this peer-to-peer training advantage!

Upcoming Physician & Hospital Leadership Events

San Diego
January 23-25, 2020
San Antonio
March 19-21, 2020
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Current Program Offerings

The Greeley Company's experienced speakers are physician leaders and senior healthcare professionals well versed in the hottest topics and challenges facing medical staffs and hospitals today. Even if you have attended a Greeley Program in the past, there is a good reason to join us for one of our healthcare seminars again!

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Organizations that attend our education events-especially those that send a team of leaders-typically experience several or all of the following benefits, and more:

  • Gain interesting perspectives and ideas from multiple organizations participating in the interactive programs
  • Reward their dedicated leaders with a comfortable, enjoyable experience at a premier destination setting offering attractive amenities and recreational opportunities
  • Enjoy valuable free time outside the educational sessions for activities and events that promote teambuilding, recreation, and relaxation
  • Network with up to 500 participants from other organizations across the country

Register online or call 800.807.9819 today!


Your executives, physician leaders, and others learn and participate in our healthcare seminars together and walk away with shared goals and strategies for your organization. Free time outside the educational sessions encourages teambuilding and shared recreational activities.

Client Testimonial

“We were fortunate to have six members of our team attend this meeting. We were all able to hear and discuss—have great ideas to take back. We feel we are on the edge of something exciting and challenging.”

Tammy Merritt, Director of Medical Staff
Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital, Charlotte, MI

More Information:

Many of our clients choose to also bring Greeley Education back to their facilities. They find team training to be particularly effective for getting everyone “on the same page”.

Onsite Education for Physician, Medical Staff, and Hospital Leaders

Bring Greeley experts right to your facility for customized, convenient, and affordable onsite education and training.

The Greeley Company is well known for our national educational seminars. But did you know the expert faculty members for our national programs can provide customized onsite education at your organization?


  • Develop leadership tools and strategies tailored to your specific needs
  • Create customized curriculum on the topics most important to you
  • Save time and hassle associated with traveling to conferences and seminars
  • Educate more leaders for less money than other training options
  • Choose the onsite education agendas and formats that work best for you

Onsite Education Topics and Formats

Greeley faculty and staff will work with you to understand your organization’s unique situation, then tailor your program to the topics and formats you require. Some of the most popular topics we cover include:

Essential training for physician leaders

Critical responsibilities amid a changing healthcare landscape

Clinical integration and physician-hospital collaboration

Knowledge and new, practical skills necessary to lead physician-hospital integration

Peer review

Responsibilities, legal concerns, OPPE/FPPE, physician core competencies, multidisciplinary peer review, and other critical topics

Credentialing and privileging

Skills and knowledge necessary to protect patients, treat physicians and clinicians with fairness and respect, and comply with accreditation and regulatory requirements

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