Medical Executive Committee Institute

The Essential Training for All Physician Leaders

Obtain the medical staff leadership skills not taught in medical school

The Medical Executive Committee Institute is an ideal way for developing physician leaders to prepare for their important positions and for current leaders to remain apprised of new issues and leadership techniques. Presented by nationally recognized, motivational, and effective physician leadership educators, this program leaves participants with renewed energy and commitment for their essential roles.

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Scottsdale, AZ
October 27-29, 2022
Carlsbad, CA
December 8-10, 2022

By attending this program, you will learn:

  • Understand new models that help to improve quality and reduce costs
  • Recognize why physician leadership is critical for success
  • Identify effective practices for implementing a credentialing program that is fair to physicians and protects patients
  • Navigate the challenges of having employed and private practice physicians on the same medical staff
  • Identify strategies for making peer review effective and fair
  • Review the key drivers of hospital financial performance
  • Understand the key elements of healthcare law impacting medical staff leaders
  • Manage physician behavior using performance expectations, feedback, and effective interventions
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the medical staff, board, and administration
  • Explain the responsibilities of elected medical staff officers and department chairs
  • Identify strategies for physicians to hold their peers accountable while helping them improve performance


Organizations that send a team consisting of the following benefit the most from this program:

  • Medical Directors
  • CEOs
  • Department Chairs and Chiefs
  • Credentialing Committee Members
  • CMOs/ VPMAs
  • Medical Services Professionals
  • Board Members

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7 – 8 AM:

Registration & Breakfast

8 AM – 12:30 PM

Education Session

Plenary Session: What We’re Doing in Healthcare Is Not Sustainable: Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem? - Healthcare trends affecting physicians and hospitals - The need to simultaneously cut costs and improve quality and safety - Healthcare stands on a burning platform. Now what? - What does it mean for each physician and every hospital to be part of the solution?

Rethinking the Medical Staff - Who is responsible for the quality and safety of patient care? - To whom and for what are physicians accountable? - How should physician and hospital leaders work together to achieve success and great patient care?

Effective Medical Staff or Obsolete Medical Staff: How can physicians hold each other accountable for the quality of care we provide? - The Physician Performance Pyramid: Keys to achieving great physician performance

Essentials of Credentialing and Privileging for Medical Staff Leaders (Part I) - Make patients the focus of credentialing and privileging decisions - How to streamline credentialing so it is fair, effective, and efficient

12:30 PM


4 PM


7 – 8 AM:


7 – 7:45 AM:

Optional Session

Controversies in Board Certification: Maintenance of Certification, Alternative Certifying Boards, and the Link Between Board Certification and Quality

8 AM – 12:30 PM:

Education Session

Essentials of Credentialing and Privileging for Physician Leaders (Part II) – How to match privileges granted to demonstrated current competence – Making sense of laundry lists, core privileges, and competency clusters – Managing privileging challenges

Make Peer Review Effective, Efficient, and Fair – How to drive bias out of peer review – General competencies – OPPE & FPPE

How to Manage Poor and Marginal Performance, Disruptive Behavior, and Impairment – Manage the marginally performing physician – Manage common performance challenges – Identify and manage the impaired physician – A step-by-step approach to intervene with a disruptive physician

How to Manage a Fair Hearing and Investigation – Strategies to prevent fair hearings – Effective investigations – Dos and don’ts of corrective action – Keys to an effective fair hearing.

12:30 PM


7 – 8 AM:


8 AM – 12:00 PM:

Education Session

Regulatory Compliance Made Simple – What do the CMS, Joint Commission, DNV, HFAP, and CIHQ really require? – Stop making compliance a burden for physicians and staff and see it as an opportunity – Process simplification as a strategy for better compliance and improved physician-hospital alignment.

Legal Issues: The top 10 you need to know to stay out of trouble – 1. Corporate negligence – 2. The legal status of bylaws – 3. Exclusive contracting – 4. EMTALA – 5. HCQIA – 6. NPDB reporting – 7. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – 8. Ethics in Physician Self-Referrals Law (Stark Law) – 9. Anti-Kickback Statute – 10. False Claims Act

Follow the Money : A crash course in healthcare finance for medical staff leaders

I Want to Be Part of the Solution…Now What? Is the organized medical staff up to today’s challenges? – What new models are helping improve quality and reduce costs? – A review of patient-centered medical homes, service-line management and co-management, bundled payments, and ACOs/clinically integrated networks – What must physicians and physician leaders do to make these models work? – How does physician employment affect the organized medical staff and the new medical staff models? – When multiple models coexist, who’s accountable to whom for what?

Putting It All Together to Leave a Legacy You Can Be Proud Of

12 PM


Agenda is subject to change

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Client Testimonial

“This course refocused my goals. It was informative, constructive, and energizing from beginning to end. I am completely impressed.”

Bettina Smallman, MD,
SUNY Upstate Medical University

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