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Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) are mission-critical to the operational complexities in today’s healthcare landscape. Vacancies in these roles can seriously disrupt operations, quality, safety, and the bottom line. The Greeley Interim Staffing team is looking for experienced MSPs who can seamlessly step into a range of roles and meet the high standards our clients have come to expect from Greeley. If you are interested in filling an interim MSP or interim credentialing role, contact us at 888.749.3054.

Interim Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Roles

Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Director or Manager

Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Specialist or Coordinator

Provider Enrollment Director or Specialist

Benefits of becoming a Greeley Interim Medical Staff Services Professional

Excellent compensation

Our projects typically pay more hourly than the rate you’d earn for equivalent full-time work and include full travel, lodging, and meals paid for the duration of the project.


Participate in quarterly learning program with Greeley’s own Chief Credentialing Officer, Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS .

Freedom and flexibility

Because you’re an independent contractor, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to mapping out your schedule, not to mention where you work, how often you work, and in which settings.


We have many opportunities for qualified MSPs, so working as an interim staffer for Greeley offers you new and different opportunities on a regular basis—and the chance to make new professional and personal contacts!

Intellectual engagement, as desired

You get to apply your skills to new and different settings, teams, and challenges. Or perhaps you’re looking to cut back and want to simply work credentials files. We have opportunities for both!


Explore the country. Get paid to travel. And whatever your hobbies or interests, you can line up assignments that will allow you to pursue your passions while on location.



“I enjoy the flexibility as well as the opportunity to travel to parts of the country for an assignment; places I've either never heard of or places I never thought I would go.”


“Working with Greeley as an interim staff contractor is a great experience - offering a variety of opportunities backed up by an organization that has a great reputation and is always up to date on the latest changes in the ever evolving world of healthcare!”


“I enjoy working with Greeley. I can work as much as I want and take off as much time as I want. I have had great experiences working with different facilities and have met a lot of great new people on my journey.”

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