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Greeley works in hospitals every day alongside hospital leaders and has built a reputation of excellence over the past 30 years. We understand the traits needed to help organizations lead innovation and change, manage medical staff, guide through a crisis, as well as provide an objective voice. Greeley understands that every hospital is unique and can quickly find you a qualified candidate that fits your specific needs.

Our clients frequently utilize our Interim Associate CMO candidates to bring a new perspective and processes to a legacy CMO position – and have found this approach effective in leading innovation and change. While you search for a long-term replacement, Greeley’s Interim CMO solutions give you the breathing room to make the best decision for your organization and gives you the ability to move the needle on strategic initiatives.

All CMOs are screened by our dedicated interim staffing department and Greeley’s Chief Medical Officer.

Our highly qualified CMOs are ready when you need them and can be on-boarded in a few short weeks.

Interim CMOs often reach goals more quickly than their permanent counterparts.

Greeley’s Interim Executives Rise Up to Meet Your Unique Demands

Greeley’s Interim Staffing Solutions allow hospitals to stay on track with an Interim CMO or Associate CMO.

The Chief Medical Officer role in a hospital is critical to cultivating a culture of physicians who consistently make improving the quality of care a top priority. Maintaining such a culture can be a challenge with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and the high rate of CMO turnover. A 2016 survey cited that 47% of CMOs spent just one to two years at the health system.

Why Choose a Greeley Interim Executive?

Greeley’s CMOs are seasoned and “have seen it all.” They can hit the ground running, no matter the role you need a CMO to fulfill:

  • Temporarily fill a vacancy while conducting search for a permanent CMO
  • Lead clinical innovation initiatives
  • Help move the needle on value-based care and other important strategic initiatives
  • Cultivate leaders and drive change in the medical staff

Benefits of Interim Executive Staffing

  • Greeley qualified CMOs are ready when you need them and can be on-boarded in a few short weeks.
  • Don’t risk filling a vacancy with the wrong candidate. Interim Staffing gives you the time you need to find the right fit for your unique needs.
  • Temporary CMOs can be more effective in leading the organization through a significant change or difficult situation.
  • Often, interim CMOs can reach goals in a shorter amount of time than their permanent hire counterparts, attributed to their rich experience and “clean slate”.

If you have an immediate need for a Chief Medical Officer, call 888.749.3054 or start the conversation here:

Upcoming Physician & Hospital Leadership Events

Greeley’s Medical Executive Committee Institute is an ideal way for developing leaders to prepare for their important positions, and for current leaders to remain apprised of new issues and leadership techniques.

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