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Medical services professionals (MSPs) are mission-critical to meeting the operational complexities in today’s healthcare landscape, which puts significant demands on medical services teams. Vacancies in the MSP ranks can seriously disrupt operations, quality, safety and the bottom line. Add to that low unemployment in the healthcare sector, which increases turnover, and you find medical staff services at the center of a perfect storm that your organization needs to navigate through.

Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Roles

Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Director or Manager

Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Specialist or Coordinator

Provider Enrollment Director or Specialist

We’ll help you flex up to meet your staffing challenges.

Greeley’s interim staffing solutions allow hospitals to stay on track with interim medical services professionals.

Our robust database of interim candidates includes many qualified MSPs who are prepared to help meet your staffing needs. Our experienced interim staffers can seamlessly step into a range of roles with minimal onboarding time since they are prescreened to meet our high standards.

Why Choose a Greeley Interim MSP?

Greeley has the skilled MSPs you need, regardless of whether you are:

  • Clearing a backlog of applications
  • Shifting to a new system
  • Auditing for compliance
  • Getting to paperless
  • Gearing up for reappointment time
  • Flexing up for a large influx of newly employed practitioners

Benefits of Interim Staffing

Immediate access and support from healthcare’s top healthcare professionals.

  • Fill staff vacancies quickly with qualified professionals.
  • Maintain your high standards of service as you seek permanent candidates.
  • Free up time to recruit permanent candidates.
  • Improve patient, physician and staff satisfaction.

If you have an immediate need for a Medical Services Professional, call 888.749.3054 or start the conversation here:

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